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The Lure of the Body Image Essay

Lure of the Body Image by Susan Mcclelland

The article focuses on the sudden increase of anabolic steroid use, cosmetic surgery visits and rises in eating disorders amongst the prevalent human male species. This sudden change she argues is due to a body-image crisis amongst men, because of various societal pressures through the aesthetic, the media and the pop culture.

She postulates her assumption based on the controversial advertisements, images and films aimed to help enhance the muscularity of the male figure. Thus, the media forces a viewpoint based on prejudice, and forces people to abuse and damage their bodies to obtain these stereotypical images.

The stereotyped body image, idealizing a brawny and muscled body, to get an edge on the competition of attracting the human females, is an early warning to an obsessive devotion, which will engulf the entire culture soon. This leads us to posit, male gender heading towards an epidemic where a fitness club will stand on every street corner, men doing lunges at their office desks and consuming heavy dosage of steroids, in the utmost desires of identifying wit the societal portrayal of a masculine physique and pursuing the ‘fairer’ sex aggressively than their competitors.

Although, the number of men chasing the “ideal body image” has increased, yet individuals must be evaluated on their personal merits.