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The Life of Celebrities

This essay makes me remember how media made Tiger Woods much famous in the whole world. As a hero in golf, everywhere in media, his name was there describing how he has done good things apart from just winning. He was the guy whom everybody admired; even parents wanted their children to be like him. This made him to be used by many companies in selling their brands. However, it is the same media that brought him down after making silly mistakes.

In this essay, I like the way the writer explains the live of celebrities. The essay clearly outlines how media can be used to make someone a celebrity, hence have lots of money. But the writer has not left out the bad side of media in bringing celebrities down. The essay explains clearly how the issue of being a celebrity has destroyed the society by ensuring everybody views money as everything.

What bothered me much wi8th the essay is that, though the writer is explaining that it is not media which has greatly influenced gangs in the country, yet the writer explains how celebrities have made people think of money in everything they do. According to me, media does not only involve movies and TV programs, it is the same media which has made people celebrities and show how they have money, indicating how money can do marvelous things. As an effect, everyone wants to live like a celebrity with lots of money. This has made people to engage in violence activities with the aim of getting money. If media could not expose the live styles of celebrities, many could not engage in violence activities.

The writer should carry out more research on media factors that are leading to violent activities in the United States, and connects them with what is happening in the real world. If carrying out research is not possible, then the writer should recommend it for further research.