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Text Response Essay Example

Text Response Essay Example for free

This is a story about three pigs that are believed to have built three houses out of straw, sticks and bricks, it also continues to show us of how a wolf could come along and huff and puff the pigs out of the story frame but instead of eating up the pigs, he could have a puzzled look at his animal protein dinner as being priceless and thus this led the pigs to escape one by one from the fairy tales boundary and set off on the adventure of their own. (Pantaleo 57) Furthermore, the tale goes to the extent of describing to us of how the pigs folded a page of their own story into a paper airplane and flew off to visit other storybooks to rescue about-to-be-slain dragon and luring the cat and the fiddle out of their nursery poem. Hence this story helps us to analyze the textual response that the author has used and thus help us understand the legitimacy of using themes, characters, plot of the tale and the style that has been used. (Pantaleo 70)

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It will also summarize the quantitative analysis of the messages that rely on the scientific methods used in the tale and are not limited to the type of variables that may be presented to the readers. The disciplinary ways of the pigs help us to analyze the tale by deconstructing the actual structure of the book with the touch of mortification as the characters become aware that they are characters in the book. This also helps us to analyze the way the pigs challenge  the structure of the book by moving from one story into another thus taking charge of their destiny.

The tale furthermore, shows us clearly how Wisner uses different styles to establish the movement from one story to another and the pigs adhere to the illustrations ,The pigs show disciplinary to the writer by adhering to the down-to-earth style of the space outside the book and the coloring book style of the dragon story, Wisner also goes to the extent of analyzing to the reader of how the pigs are illustrated in a half and half styles thus showing disciplinary by the pigs ( Sipe,  &Pantaleo 100)

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This book does not use negative advertisements that might have a negative impact for the children but instead use the same chart literacy tools in a positive way and not just to make a profit but also as a way of warning the reader of specific dangers at a young age. Thus the ability of using the artistic elements in visual literacy, the purpose and the objective of images helps the tale to flow in a foregoing manner hence persuade the readers to want to know more about the tale.( Pantaleo 180)

This book has been exemplified in a theatrical way that supposedly postmodern children by drawing them increasingly on hypertext and interactivity thus enabling the reader to move in any direction and thus be in the position of constructing their own narrative. The book furthermore, is expressed in such a way that its construction seem passive from outside as it can’t be directly observed but it is quite actively and keenly narrated hence help the children to be mentally engaged in the tale just as they do with any post-internet offerings (Sipe & Pantaleo 200).

The characteristics that can make the reader to consider it part of the genre are where the author uses literacy concepts and dispositions that emphasize upon words/ accurate understanding that strangle the life out of the plot hence teachers should be careful when using picture books when explaining students in order for them to understand clearly. Furthermore the ability of using different styles by jumping from one story to another helps the reader to consider it to be part of the genre. (Pantaleo 235)

The ability of the author using the characters in the genre helps the reader to meet the criteria of the tale as it offers a playful deconstruction of a favorite nursery tale as he uses a wide variety of illustrated styles that help the reader through a stunning fantasy world to the surprising happy ending. The ability of the author using these literary and artistic elements this way allows him to create meaning by employing so many literary devices and motives that leads the reader bogged down in the author’s expertise at the expense of the tale itself. The author moreover uses excessive emphasis upon literal comprehension that strangles life out of the plot hence creating meaning for the reader much more easily. Hence the ability of the author using the picture book leads him to use several met fictive devices that construct the plot of the tale thus draw attention to its status as a text and fiction to the reader hence creating meaning to the reader (Sipe &Pantaleo 250).