Tecno Mobile Company’s Technologies Report

Executive Summary

Smart phones, as smart as they can be thought to be, also face challenges and setbacks in the marketing industry, just like any other product on the market. Tecno mobile was the first mobile phone company to ever release dual sim card phones into the market, as the company strives to stay true to the maxim “think globally, act locally”. Tecno mobile company posseses a comprehensive product portfolio, which includes all levels of mobile phones, including smart phones. Due to the company’s major aim of providing its customers with the best products, Tecno mobile phones have been out in the market for fair and affordable prices, since this helps to gain favor among customers. Tecno smart phones have high technological features that satisfy customers’ needs. For the sake of this report, we shall analyze the background information of Tecno in the market and the background information on the macro environment. Macro environment consists of forces that are beyond the company’s control, and the company cannot do anything about them except for adapting to them. These factors are in the industry and they often affect how the company makes decisions. In this report, we shall put into analysis how the macro environment factors affect Tecno mobile company and its strategies and performance. The main macro environment influences herein are technological changes and competitors. Technological changes play a major role, as they provide the guidelines on the level of advancement in technology for smart phones and suggest how favored certain products are in the market. This report contains a discussion of the threats that can destroy the company and the opportunities that can build it. The stiff competition already in existence is one of such threats. Some of the competitors are companies that started decades before the establishment of the Tecno mobile company and thus have more solid roots into the smart phone business compared to Tecno.

Brand Overview

Tecno mobile phone company’s products include smart phones, ordinary mobile phones, office telephones, iPads, cameras, video recorders and mobile accessories such as headphones. The main mission of the company is to consider costs without compromising quality when delivering gadgets that are efficient. The company vision is being a leader in technology and innovation, following company values and making the customers its partners. Company values include honesty, commitment and excellence.

The company started in the year 2006 in China. Its main focus was the middle and low income group that had financial challenges accessing the high end smart phones such as those produced by Samsung and Nokia companies. This company started its operations in China and its sales market was the Asian continent. Later it expanded to Latin America, Europe and also set up main operations in Africa. In case of this company, there are the high-end segments and the low-end segments. The high-end segment includes the countries which are more conversant with issues concerning technology, which they are highly informed about. On the other hand, the low-end segments represent the countries where lack of technological advances is a major setback ragging them behind. They are the major targets in this case, as sales people are working extremely hard so as to deliver the products to the destined low-segment areas. During the growth and development stages, the main challenges were the cut throat competition from the already established smart phone companies such as Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia. The company used its low price strategy to overcome this challenge. For a phone with same Apps as those of Blackberry for instance, a customer is required to pay half the price to acquire a Tecno smart phone. Another challenge was the high technologies turnover. For a company that was at the birth stage, it was quite challenging to keep up with the changes, considering the frequent improvements in technology and in the smart phone market.

Situational Analysis

The sales people are targeting the low-end segment countries. They will automatically reach them conveniently through advertising. Thus, this should involve various methods, such as using the media, face to face conversations to clients etc. Producing products that are of higher quality and more advanced is expected to lead to a rise in demand of the smart phones. This is because the higher price leads to a higher price elasticity of the products. However, it is of importance to note that there is a large disparity rate between the high- and low-end segment countries.

However, there are several major setbacks a business may go through and these normally should be used as a stepping stone so as to learn from such threats in order to raise the chances of the available opportunities to tap. It is of a great importance therefore to note that there have been various opportunities which should be definitely converted. Measures should be taken to to curb the threats. The opportunities in question involve new markets. The sales people are targeting to improve on the kind of products that are produced and this will increase the sales volume in the low-end segment countries. This will lead to an increase in demand. Moreover, advertising is the next best thing, especially in case when media or sales personnel is involved to introduce the products to the customers willing and able to buy them. Lowering the price of the commodities will definitely lead to the increased demand and thus higher sales, and this means that the product’s acceptability in the market would be on rise. The more advanced the gadgets are, the higher the sales rates are; thus, this could be used as a major opportunity to lure the customers. Producing more advanced products can be an appropriate solution. Besides the opportunities, there are several threats which one should be aware of , and these are discussed below. Production of counterfeit products is a case when the products in question are an imitation of the original ones and are sold at cheaper prices, making them readily affordable for people from all walks of life. This minimizes the sales of the original products and may lead to customers switching to other options, since the fake products are not long lasting.

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Key Issues, Objectives and Generic Strategies

The product in question has major strongholds and setbacks, commonly referred to as weaknesses. Acceptability is amongst the strengths of selling the products. This is because people are adapting to changing times and want to be at par with technology, and therefore are willing to incur the cost to purchase certain items. The cost of the items in question in this case has been made cheaper. This makes it able to provide the required resources for people from the entire community without any impediments. This bridges the disparity between the social groups of the rich and the poor, since the prices have been reduced and are now reasonable. The company in question is looking forward to produce even more long lasting products so that they could serve the customers for a long period without failing. Therefore, the battery life is the target in this case, since it enhances the smart phones durability to the customers’ convenience. There have been several setbacks as well, which should be worked on keenly to give room for improvement. One of them is imitation, as there have been other companies coming up with the same kind of product which lack originality. They, however, reduce the price, making it easier for customers to afford the counterfeit products. As a result, there is no proper medium, since the targets are mainly the low-end segment countries, which usually fall behind in terms of technology. Thus, there should be imposed an easier and more convincing way to lure customers for buying the products. Moreover, due to changing times in technology, there is a fear of introducing more advanced gadgets to the low-end segment countries, since they will already have adapted to the first ones and may be very conservative to consider changes.

Objectives In Terms Of Sales Volume and Market Share

For a business to be successful, it needs proper planning and timing as well. There have been several objectives, which include:

  • Reach the low-end segment countries. The countries which are not very conversant with technology are being targeted mainly so that the products may circulate there and flow in the market.
  • Improve quality of the products in question so that it may be durable and serve for a longer period of time.
  • Increase the sales of the gadgets despite the challenges that are being faced.
  • Improve the quality of the gadgets whereby its features will be more reasonable and easy to use.

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Summary of Overall Objectives

In order to meet the set goals, there has to be a proper approach to organising the business. Advertising is one of the major issues in this case, whereby the low-end segment countries which are the main targets should be reached by information to attract the potential customers. This should involve sales people who should meet clients face to face because, despite the trends in technology, the clients will always have to clear any doubts by asking a couple of direct questions. Increasing the quality of the products for a greater convenience involves increasing the durability by enhancing the battery life of the gadget, as well as producing relatively smaller phones that are easier to handle and not very complicated. The other objective is to venture into new markets such as Europe and America. This will reduce the overreliance on developing countries for customers. It will also take the company to another level as new sources of revenue, technology and innovation will be available to the disposal of the company. Continuous improvement in technology to ensure that the company smart phones meet the needs of consumers is another objective.

Decision Assessment

The strategic decisions made in the previous rounds did not come out to be very successful as failure was encountered in different areas. Poor planning of approaches led to a huge contribution to the failure, as well as lack of making sales estimates before going into the market. Allocation of duties to every individual in a working station is an important task, as it plays a paramount role in production. It involves distributing of functional roles amongst positions. This leads to tying people to positions, which is beneficial in that it improves efficiency of the work done and increases accuracy in the field of work. Duties allocation is also helpful in that it enhances time management and reduces time wastage, which also leads to improvement in management skills of the staff. This will enable the management members to get a clear view of what roles are needed to operate the company efficiently. The defining roles of the positions inherently develops job descriptions for all the positions, which is vitally important. Duties allocation makes the goals definition easier by basing it to a position’s functional roles, and grading of the performance can be based on the roles and the importance of each role to the success of the position.

Decision Rationale

New decisions for the coming year were formed after having encountered a number of setbacks and challenges on the sales of the product. Marketing strategies that did not prove effective are cast out and new marketing strategies will be employed to improve the performance. Effective marketing strategies, such as direct advertising, will be put into use. Face to face advertising will prove more advantageous than publication and use of other medium. Cell phone text messaging, emailing, promotional letters and outdoor advertising are some of the advertising techniques to be employed in the coming year with the aim of cutting down the cost of production and proving to be more effective.

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Simulation Assessment

In order to facilitate the movement of information on the smart phones to reach all the customers, proper planning and timing is required in doing so effectively. This requires well-planned means and effective mediums. Advertisement has never been a disappointing technique, although it is more challenging in developing higher quality advertisements than the adjacent competitors. Product demonstration is an effective promotional media as it helps to get the customers with the exact details of the products. Video clips of the product being showcased can be produced in masses and uploaded to social networks, as it reaches a large target audience. Printing and publication is also an effective means of advertising. Increasing the sales and achieving sustainable competitive advantages requires a thorough formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies. Pricing of the smart phones is one of the means through which reaching of low-end segment countries is achieved. The countries which are not conversant with technology are being targeted mainly, so that the products may circulate there and flow in the market. Improvement of the quality of products removes faults of previous products and is achieved by checking of products for faults and eliminating them. Inspection is intended to prevent faulty products from reaching the consumers, which is advantageous to the company, since it helps to retain customers and build the consumers’ trust. In this case, smart phones have always been facing one common problem of battery life. This has been the goal of every smart phone producing company. Increasing of battery life and durability so that it may serve the consumers for a longer period of time is an effective way of removing the faults from the product in question. Improving the quality of gadgets by improving the products’ features and coming up with the applications that are more easy to use is an effective means of product promotion. This favors the consumer, as it satisfies their needs.

Quality assurance is very advantageous as it emphasizes more the “self-checking” rather than checking carried out by inspectors. The cost of dealing with inspectors is greatly cut down in this process, since there is less time wastage and re-working of faulty products, as the product is checked on every stage. Worker motivation is also improved through quality assurance of the product in question, as it gives workers a sense of ownership and recognition to their work. Self-checking also helps greatly in cutting down work-related barriers such as “us and them” barriers between workers and managers, as it eliminates the feeling of being checked upon.

Performance on the sales of the smart phones faced a number of setbacks and challenges of different nature. The team did not manage to win. This was caused by different factors, such as the means of advertising and the mediums used. Publication as a medium was found to be relatively expensive to afford. Using the media to reach the information to the consumers proved to be very challenging, as it did not fully satisfy the consumers. A more effective advertising skill, namely, face to face communication with the consumers proved to be more reliable. This enables the consumers to fully understand the features of the phones and hence answer all their questions the media could not. The end results of the simulation revealed that the consumers had a growing need of smaller smart phones that would reduce the bulk in handling them. This could be addressed by producing smaller phones. Complex features of smartphones also were a setback. The features need to be less complex and focused on user friendliness. Durability of the battery was also a challenge as this does not fully satisfy the consumers need to have long lasting durable smart phones that would serve them well. The pricing of the smart phones also was a setback encountered. Cheap prices and user friendly interfaces was also a challenge, as this tries to serve both the consumers’ needs and the company’s abilities.

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There are a number of marketing strategies that can prove to be effective for particular business levels and failure in others. Advertising strategies vary from face to face communication to other complex forms of communication. Tecno gadgets have readily hit the market and have lured many customers into buying such products due to their convenience and reliability. Due to their relatively cheaper prices, it has been easier for people from all walks of life to afford a smart phone of their own especially in the low-end segment countries where they viewed the phones with such a notion that they belonged to people of a different caliber who are financially sober. In the countries discussed above, technology may be a major setback so durability of the battery life matters a lot since power supply in most areas is limited. Moreover, there have been major setbacks and these may bring to a halt the flow of the products into the market if they are despised. It is always crucial to be positive and therefore they should be viewed as a stepping stone so as to assist in boosting the sales. This includes the production of smaller gadgets since the large smart phones has a touch of class and seems rather flashy to people from the middle class families. For advertising to be effective, clients’ need for feedback and asking questions to suit their needs should be considered; thus, the advertising should be worked on in such a case where clients may need to make a feedback and ask questions to suit their needs. Direct communication is better, as it is more effective. Smart phones have been able to solve the current mobile phone consumers’ needs, which is why Tecno has not been left behind.

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