Multinational companies have branches in many different countries worldwide. This arrangement became possible with the abolishment of trade restrictions by host governments which enabled a foreign business to establish operations in overseas locations. However, these international corporations have servers and databases in their country of origin. Therefore, they face the challenge of accessing this information in a fast and secure way for the branches that are located on different continents. Itwin Connect is an emerging technology that allows businesses to solve this issue. This paper will provide a price, cost, and benefit analysis of Itwin connect and discuss specifications of the product as well as users’ benefits of employing the hardware.

Business Problem

Telecommunication services face a significant decrease in revenue from clients who work outside their home countries. For instance, Netflix may experience an acute reduction of sales of movies since many viewers are posted to work outside the United States. These clients may terminate their subscription since they cannot access the services of the company when they are on a different continent. Moreover, the customers can neither watch video clips on Hulu nor stream music from Pandora when they are outside the United States. This is because their IP addresses cannot permit them to access these services when they are not in their home country. Nevertheless, Itwin Connect through the Teleport Me feature solves this access problem efficiently. For example, clients from Europe that travel to other continents can still access the programming services available in Europe (“Personal VPN device – iTwin Connect Public VPN + Private VPN | iTwin Connect,” 2014). Thus, when the telecommunication companies utilize this technology, they will not lose a considerable amount of revenue from clients that are compelled to leave their home country due to work or other personal reasons such as like a vacation.

Price Analysis

The device has a relatively higher initial cost as compared to other devices that offer virtual private network services. Nevertheless, it benefits surpass VPN services; thus, it is profitable for many organizations. Itwin Connect has a one-time cost of 130 dollars that guarantees lifetime access to the services and features of the technology (“Personal VPN device – iTwin Connect Public VPN + Private VPN | iTwin Connect,” 2014). During the first year, businesses or individuals will need to pay the startup cost and also incur associated expenses of internet facilities which are required for the device to function. After three and five years respectively, no additional costs will be incurred unless the gadget is lost or damaged as this would require the purchase of a new device to continue experiencing the benefits of Itwin connect.

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Cost Analysis

The technology causes a significant reduction in the operational costs that a business incurs and offers efficiency during the process. This is because it ensures that the operations of the firm are provided to traveling clients. Furthermore, the drop in operational cost arises from the fact that a business providing services in different countries will not incur the cost of building a new server or a database (Richard, 2013). Thus, no extra staff will be needed in the host countries to do maintenance. This aspect will lower the cost since the business payroll would not increase.

Benefit Analysis

Itwin Connect has features like remote desktop, teleport me, network access, and secure encryption that provide numerous benefits to an individual or business that utilizes this technology. Remote desktop ensures that a person outside the office or home can have entire control of the central computer. Additionally, a professional can help an inexperienced user that is having difficulties setting up the device from a different geographical region by using remote connection. This characteristic saves a significant amount of time which increases the productivity of the users as they can participate in the tasks they need promptly after being showed how to go about by an expert. Furthermore, this service allows users to launch Windows desktop that opens applications and data stored on the main computer (“Personal VPN device – iTwin Connect Public VPN + Private VPN | iTwin Connect,” 2014).

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Teleport me is a feature of Itwin connect that permits users to browse the Internet with no restrictions. Any site accessed by an individual passes via a secure VPN tunnel that utilizes the same internet connection which their main computer in the office or at home. This is the option responsible for the provision of programming services in different geographical regions. The service is enabled by the servers that are located in Asia Pacific, Europe, and America (“Personal VPN device – iTwin Connect Public VPN + Private VPN | iTwin Connect,” 2014). Moreover, the browsing session offered by this technology prevents risks when accessing Internet in public places such as airports and hotels. It is probable for hackers to gain illegal access to the computers of people in these public areas. They take advantage of the public network where they can create a private network and label it as free. Users may be tempted to connect to the open network so that they access Internet. Nevertheless, hackers can gain access when the users are lured to the free networks. Itwin Connect is beneficial as it prevents this scenario.

The security system employed by Itwin Connect is top-notch. It has a two-factor authentication where passwords can be set on both the parts that are connected to the main computer and the laptop when they are traveling (Richard, 2013). Hackers cannot view the private information contained in the virtual private network that is created by the device. Furthermore, when the two parts of the gadget are connected, they generate a key for each session that provides protection to data before it is transmission.


Itwin Connect enables efficient communication between the home computer and the remote one. Once the central computer is set up to be accessed, a person accessing the main computer will be able to access all the services on it. Additionally, information from the remote network can be retrieved from the central computer. This feature provides real-time communication where feedback can be sourced immediately once a query is made (Richard, 2013).

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User Benefits

The device is small in size and thus, can be easily carried. It comes with an efficient case cover that users can store the device to prevent it from getting damaged. Itwin Connect is available for users using Windows and IOS devices. Hence, they are not required to change their current operating system to access the services of the technology which offers many conveniences (“Personal VPN device – iTwin Connect Public VPN + Private VPN | iTwin Connect,” 2014). Moreover, the device is easy to use even for people without sufficient knowledge in computers. This is because of the automatic installation feature available. The users do not need to install the device manually. Once one of the parts is connected to the home computer, the installation process begins automatically. A user only has to accept the terms and conditions. Furthermore, the device checks for regular updates automatically. Thus, at any point of time, a user is likely to have the latest version of the software. The ease of use allows users to access all the benefits of the technology.

A primary advantage of Itwin connect is that the users can bypass sites that are restricted in a particular region – an aspect that is enabled by partial tunneling (Richard, 2013). For instance, a user in Europe can access a site that is restricted there when he uses Itwin connect with the main computer that is located in a country where the site is not forbidden. This aspect offers web freedom for users to browse all the information they require to complete their personal and work-related tasks.

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Specifications of the Product

Itwin Connect is a small device that resembles a USB flash drive which is connected to the main computer and the remote computer to create a VPN allowing a user to access all features of the main computer remotely and safely. The device consists of two parts: one which is linked to the home computer and another one used remotely. The latter part serves as a prompt for establishing a connection with the main computer. The device is less than two inches long which makes it easy to travel with the gadget. Both the parts of the device launch automatically; hence, they do not require any of user’s intervention. The device has three parts that include the USB connector, led indicator, and Itwin connector. The USB connector connects to the main computer and the computer used for remote access. The Itwin connector binds the two parts together, and the indicator lets the user know whether the device is functioning (“Personal VPN device – iTwin Connect Public VPN + Private VPN | iTwin Connect,” 2014).


To summarize, Itwin Connect has numerous advantages for businesses and individuals. It allows safe and secure remote access to home and office networks. Furthermore, it is available for both Windows and iOS operating systems. Currently, the device requires a password on an optional basis which is not effective owing to the numerous risks of hacking. Therefore, the device should require a password before it is installed on the main computer ensuring that businesses and individuals continue using the benefits of this technology.

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