Innovation is a driving force of progress that proves modernization and growth of any city. Implementation of new brand technologies, change management projects, and computer devices in all areas of life are key aspects of innovation. One can underline the parallel between the process of modernization and Dubai as this city manages to keep abreast of time to remain the most modernized and globalized place. For citizens of Dubai, scientific studies do not have theoretical value, but a practical one. Moreover, innovative processes in Dubai are related to advances in healthcare that improve health status and level of medicine. Furthermore, Dubai innovation refers to social operations, product, technologies, marketing, and business. This project intends to explain peculiarities of innovation and progress in Dubai and pays attention to innovative processes in healthcare.

Dubai as the City of Innovation

Dubai is a city of innovation and modernization that refers to using Internet technologies, Dubai transport, building area, and infrastructure. The government of Dubai has implemented the Innovation Strategy that operates in government services, tourism, economy, hospitality, water and space, technology, health, education, transport, and renewable energy. The Innovation Strategy of Dubai relies on the visionary and inspiring leadership. For example, investment into Dubai Design District proves the right direction of innovation that improves creativity in the community and arts and implements incubation centers for innovative entrepreneurs (Pisani, 2012).

The local authorities and all citizens have seen benefits from innovations. Respectively, they have chosen the strategy of development of Dubai as the most innovative city in the world. This strategy has been discussed by the whole society and approved by the authorities. It should be realized till 2021. To implement this strategy, necessary conditions should be followed. Dubai’s government should be creative and professional. Private sector and businesses should be ready to take initiative in their hands. Significant attention should be paid to education of local citizens. However, the city does not give up the strategy of inviting professional and experienced specialists from the whole world. Furthermore, Dubai tries to be socially and environmentally responsible. Usage of alternative sources of energy has become typical for the emirate in the recent years. Therefore, the emirate follows principles of social and ecological innovations as well (Pisani, 2012).

Creative and integrated government of Dubai has transformed the city into Internet City that proves computerization and presentation of the most innovative technologies in all areas. These are government services, tourism, economy, hospitality, water and space, technology, health, education, transport, and renewable energy. Other similar objectives of Dubai innovation should be reached with the help of the so-called media city, knowledge village, the city of healthcare, and international financial center. However, these projects are still in the process of development (Dubai Internet City, 2015).

Dubai as a city can be treated as a great innovative project. The reason for it is quite simple. The city is constructed according to the newest and most effective achievements in the area of city construction and urbanization. For example, the city is famous for the tallest skyscraper in the world – Burj Khalifa. Besides, Dubai has become famous for its innovative way of land reclamation (“The future in Dubai,” n.d.).

The advantage of Dubai Innovation Strategy is related to initiatives by the private sector in architecture. Ambitious architectural projects include “The Burj Dubai”, “The Cloud”, “Dubai Hub”, “Zaha Hadid Dancing Towers”, “Opus”. and “Eta Hotel”. All these architectural wonders prove advances in constructing and building. These architectural projects lead to progress of tourism. Consequently, many international tourists come to Dubai to see these wonders. Innovation in architecture is characterized by post-modernism, complicated constructions, supertall skyscrapers, and spectacular installations (“The future in Dubai,” n.d.).

First of all, Dubai has invested 4.5 billion in Dubai Media City and Internet City that will be completed within five years. Moreover, these investments only reinforce the status of Dubai as a global powerhouse for content, media, and innovation. Another project for smart buildings, technology laboratories, and innovation complexes demands 10 million sq. ft. of space. Dubai Media City and Internet City are advanced infrastructures that create the environment for innovation and attract top global talents. Moreover, they will increase productivity and creativity necessary for innovative processes (Kane, 2014).

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One of the most vivid and recent innovations in Dubai is an intention to make the city an innovation hub for investors and technological businesses from the whole world. The emirate plans to invest Dh4.5bn. into realization of this goal. Such an attempt means that the local authorities totally realize a crucial role of innovations in the emirate’s development. The city not only invests its money, but tries to attract technological businesses from the whole world, which will be able to contribute to the innovative development of the emirate (Kane, 2014).

According to the principle of Peter Drucker (2006), one needs to analyze opportunities to start systematic and purposeful innovation. Sources of innovative opportunities of Dubai are related to the Internet revolution and globally recognized economy. Consequently, empty desert spaces have been changed into innovative smart buildings with the developed infrastructure. The ancient history of areas for Dubai Media City and Internet City has only driven the necessity to start everything from a new chapter. In addition, media and Internet industries have become single economic sectors that work to develop the national innovation strategy. Smart laboratories, new dedicated funds, and business innovation incubators have been involved as ways of growth.

Another innovation of Dubai refers to infrastructure challenges and cybersecurity. Opening of new Dubai Centre for E-Security proves readiness of governments and companies to respond to cyber attacks. Dubai Centre for E-Security is responsible for saving different kinds of information. Consequently, Dubai can be supposed to be a model smart city in the world. Drucker (2006) insists that innovation is both perceptual and conceptual. Successful innovators are able to work analytically and satisfy customers’ and users’ needs, values, and expectations. According to this principle, success of Dubai innovation refers to the unity of people from all parts of the world who contribute to this city with talent, creative ideas, and inspiration. Not without a reason, Dubai is a city of the future, dreams, merchants, mystery, gold, and wonders. The Dubai World Trade Center only reinforces the status of the city as an active global trading powerhouse that helps to fight against cybercrimes and cyber attacks (Kane, 2014).

The innovation process in Dubai refers to the environmental attractiveness of the city. Solar Innovative Centre reinforces the sense of green Dubai. Production of renewable sources of energy is another aspect of the innovation policy of Dubai that concerns saving natural resources for future generations. In Dubai, modern buildings can save energy and keep temperature. Moreover, installation of solar heating and electricity can save money. Not without a reason, Peter Drucker (2006) has stated that innovation should be focused and simple to be effective. It means that innovation processes in Dubai are not complicated, but well-organized and well-planned. For example, the In5 innovation hub has been launched by Internet City to develop ecosystems in Dubai. It is evident that success of innovation strategy in Dubai refers to collaboration between different areas. The In5 innovation hub is simple and, therefore, it is not confusing (Kane, 2014).

Innovation has touched all areas of life in Dubai, making it a city of hi-tech contrasts. Creative approach to shopping centers, tall buildings, and opulent seven-star hotels puts them in the center of innovation. Not without a reason, Peter Drucker (2006) defines innovation as a specific thing that starts from small things. For example, technological advances of Dubai have started from the development of monitoring. Furthermore, they have implemented Radio Frequency Identification that is a free flow tolling system that benefits the progress of the transport system. For example, when a car passes under the sensor, the chip of Radio Frequency Identification deducts fees. Moreover, public transport is also modernized comparing with other countries. Wi-Fi is available for passengers of trains with the help of Wimax technology.

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Dubai does innovation for the youth, creating a memory stick and pairing it with a computer to stream media files. Consequently, one can play a movie wirelessly without a necessary copy of the file like a Play Station. The company Infinitec works in this direction and it means that Dubai has its own manufacturer that is more qualitative than China. Mobile phones in Dubai have more modern designs due to constant experiments at the Arab market. These innovative phones are characterized by built-in solar charging, reminders of prayer times, and compasses. One can say that these phones reflect cultural peculiarities of Arabians. Free instant messaging service proves the competitive advantage of such phones.

Dubai is a city with conservative values and beliefs. Consequently, only online news is available. Social networking destinations and blacklisted sites have been blocked by the local authorities. Web filtering is a useful innovation that helps to block access to doubtful sites.

According to Peter Drucker (2006), innovation presupposes efficient leadership. From the same beginning of the innovative process, a leader should be innovative enough. One can say that Dubai has proper leadership as its development, progress, and innovation have touched all areas of life. Innovation in education is another aspect of modernization in Dubai. First of all, they have presented Edutech, a provider of learning services and solutions. Edutech provides science experiments, coding, electronics, renewable energy, 3D printing, and workshops on Robotics. Edutech is an exciting place that encourages innovation as it offers interesting digital and physical materials and develops students’ design thinking, innovation, and creativity.

To sum up, one should say that innovation works magic for Dubai, turning it into a mirage in the desert and making it the most modernized and technologically progressed city in the world. Experimentation, involvement of creative people, and implementation of the most ambitious projects are ways of fulfilling Innovation Strategy in Dubai. Division of the city into Internet City, International Financial Center, City of Healthcare, Knowledge Village, and Media City proves seriousness and strategic planning of innovation.

Innovation in Healthcare

Innovative technologies belong to the leading ways of growth and development of Dubai healthcare. One relates this to advances in medical equipment. Such innovations as TomoTherapy and CyberKnife provide personalized treatment solutions and new standards of care. Not without a reason, Peter Drucker (2006) says that innovation and its results are unexpected and can lead to success and failure. It means that one should always experiment, especially in healthcare and medicine to achieve the positive result. Moreover, new healthcare advances prove care about citizens of Dubai whose life rate should respond to the conditions of living. Innovation in all areas is the argument why the life rate is high in this city.

Another progress in healthcare innovation refers to increasing automation, reducing healthcare costs, improving data management, and increasing lab productivity. Innovating and designing diagnostics are the ways to avoid emerged challenges. It is the initiative of the authorities to develop innovative strategy of the emirate till 2021. Moreover, they have become main investors of construction of the Dubai Health Care City that presents the most innovative decisions and solutions in medicine. Dubai healthcare is the place for the latest inventions that cannot fail to astonish and surprise. The main benefit of the healthcare system is that it attracts foreign inventors and specialists to develop Dubai medicine (Matly, 2007).

The first significant innovation for Dubai healthcare is the CardioPad presented by the student. The CardioPad consists of electrodes and Sim card; therefore, it can operate almost anywhere where there is a 3G mobile network. This device allows connection of the patient with the remote doctor. It is evident that the CardioPad is necessary for diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, this innovative device shortens the risk of complications that can emerge during transportation. The patient does not need to travel long distances to city hospitals. The number of produced CardioPads is small (400), but one should continue manufacturing them to provide all hospitals with these devices (Matly, 2007).

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Dubai pays significant attention to development of the so-called distance medicine. Probably, soon people will not have to go to hospital. They will be able to invite a professional to home to conduct examination and some slight help. Moreover, even the possibility of online examinations in the nearest future can be assumed. Of course, a difficult illness should be cured in a hospital, but some forms of examinations and medical help can be performed at home.

One of the ways to improve health conditions of citizens is to increase their awareness in the healthcare area. Dubai authorities try to launch specialized educational programs and innovations even in this area. Dubai has created MedicalIQ, a specialized global Health 2.0 platform, which develops and implements educational programs with the purpose of increasing the degree of health literacy in the city. Peter Drucker (2006) puts innovation between the existing reality and the reality that “ought to be”. It means that inefficiency and imperfection of innovative healthcare decisions only reinforce the process of improvement.

One can observe healthcare innovations in Dubai at the largest healthcare exhibition. Cardiology, pediatrics, robotic surgery, and big data are key topics relating to innovation. The evidence of Dubai’s high interest in implementation of innovations in healthcare and, respectively, improvement of the quality of life of people is the fact that the city holds an annual conference, which is called Health Innovations and Investment Dubai. This conference gathers people and investors from the whole world where they can share their opinions and experience about innovations in the medicine industry. Not without a reason, Peter Drucker (2006) defines innovation as the process of necessity for replacing weak operations with the new ones. For healthcare of Dubai, this principle is the most crucial as medicine was the weakest point of this city.

Hospitals in Dubai are also places for innovative processes. In the present time, conditions in hospitals are like in 5-star hotels. Medical facilities and equipment are modern and computerized. Medical services at hospitals are free or at very low cost. Innovations have touched such medical services as education on health and nuitrition, rehabilitation, as well as adult and infant therapy. It is an obligation for medical professionals to make post-clinic private medical calls.

Integration of IT-systems with the healthcare in Dubai is the key to success and innovation. Such approach allows decrease costs of medical services. In turn, these services become more available for broader categories of citizens. This is a great and vivid example how innovation leads to real improvement of the quality of life of people. It is the main goal of any innovation despite the area where it is used. Despite the fact that Dubai is a rich city, it also faces problems in the healthcare system. The city tries to make medicine more available for citizens. In the end, it is going to increase quality of labor force of Dubai (Matly, 2007).

Dubai Healthcare City is another innovation that makes this city different from others. One can characterize this invention according to Peter Drucker’s (2006) principle that suggests innovation as changes in the industry structure. For example, Dubai Healthcare City is the example of changes that catch everyone unaware. Dubai Healthcare City consists of many medical institutions and buildings. Dubai Healthcare City includes partnerships with U.S. universities, pharmacies, research facilities, clinics, and hospitals. This is a cluster, the overall performance of which is devoted to improvement of the health care system and health of people in the end. It consists of all stages in medicine – from education of health care practitioners to clinic treatment and even health care businesses. “Dubai Health Care City offered an innovative approach towards healthcare delivery in a localized community, capitalizing on clustering various opportunities along the healthcare value chain” (Matly, 2007).
Peter Drucker (2006) believes that demographics (income, employment status, educational level, composition, and age) is related to innovation. Indeed, more and more Arabian people begin to invent something benefitting reputation and image of Dubai. As to healthcare, there are contributions in performing abdominal surgery with the help of the two-step technique. Even children are working to improve healthcare in medicine. For example, one boy has created a waterproof alternative for his father who has problems with his leg.

Another aspect of innovation of Dubai healthcare is that it is spectacular and attracts tourists. Peter Drucker (2006) writes that a change in perception is the way to innovation. For example, hospitals and clinics are not stereotypical places that scare and oppress, but look like hotels with medical inventions that enthrall and attract tourists and those who want to experience the magic of Dubai healthcare. Being a medical tourism attraction, Dubai invests more and more money in this sphere to become the example for following. Consequently, combination of tourism with healthcare is the basement for involvement of new investments. Moreover, Dubai Healthcare City attracts international patients who want to be treated in the most innovative ways.

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The future of Dubai healthcare is bright. Advancement in technologies and medical innovations are driving forces of this area. Peter Drucker (2006) suggests “new knowledge” as a way to creation of products and services. First of all, Dubai plans to turn all information and data into electronical medical records. This process has already started. Electronic medical records allow quick access to medical history and patient information. Electronic data simplify the process of collecting information for statistical analysis. Clinical practice guidelines belong to other steps of Dubai in healthcare. This aspect includes banks of statistical data necessary for complex treatment.

Dubai healthcare uses the ICD-10 in a medical practice. This device helps to store information on thousands of diseases, symptoms, external causes, and unusual findings. It means that any doctor can use it to treat rare diseases and unusual symptoms. However, using the ICD-10 in the medical practice demands constant improvements. Robotics is another essential aspect of healthcare. Robotics helps in performing surgeries. For example, Ekso Bionics has invented eksosceleton necessary for paralyzed people who cannot sit and stand. With this invention, sick people can not only stand, but also walk (Matly, 2007).

It is evident that Dubai has made serious advancements in the healthcare industry. Moreover, it has many medical projects and programs necessary for the implementation. High standards of qualitative medicine increase the rate of life expectation and decrease probability of the unusual diseases. The best facilities and the most talented healthcare specialists have turned this area into creativity and efficacy. One can say that even design of hospitals and clinics benefits quick recovery. The choice of treatment proves constant changes and innovations in the healthcare.

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In conclusion, one should say that Dubai is an example of successful implementation of Innovation Strategy and collaboration of IT-technologies in the sphere of tourism with other areas, especially healthcare. Peculiarities of innovation and progress in Dubai are related to constant investments and involvement of international employees. Healthcare reinforces possibilities and opportunities for implementation of new innovation projects.
Dubai is a city of innovation famous for Internet City where modernization and computerization are the driving forces. Moreover, division of Dubai into media city, knowledge village, the city of healthcare, and international financial center benefits development of these areas. Ambitious architectural projects attract tourists and make the city more modern and futuristic.

Innovations in the healthcare are also based on creativity and IT-technologies. TomoTherapy and CyberKnife make medicine of Dubai different from others. Increasing automation, reducing healthcare costs, improving data management, and increasing lab productivity are the ways of achieving perfection in the healthcare system. Electronical medical records simplify work of doctors and make it quicker. Clinical practice guidelines help to collect banks of statistical data. It is evident that Dubai has made serious advancements and progress in all areas with the help of IT-technologies, creativity, investment, and innovations.

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