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Courtroom Observation essay

Courtroom Observation essay example

Last Monday at around 10 a.m., I attended Court (Courtroom number 28) proceedings in Douglas County. Persons who have committed various traffic offenses are arraigned in this courtroom. The name of the judge in this court is Cooper Slagmulder. The time taken for the completion of a particular case involving a traffic offense is approximately four to six minutes. Inside the courtroom, people enter and leave frequently.

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A person who is alleged to have committed a traffic offense must make an initial appearance/ arraignment before the judge. During arraignment, the accused person ought to inform the Judge the manner in which he or she intends to carry on with his/her case. Normally, the accused has to choose one of the three available options. One, he or she may possibly plead Not Guilty. If s/he pleads not guilty, then the Judge sets the trial date in a period of four to eight weeks of arraignment. Additionally, s/he obtains a written notice approximately 2 weeks prior to.

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Alternatively, an accused person who may possibly wish to plea ‘Not Guilty’ can notify the court clerk prior to assemblage of the court. Two, an accused person may possibly plead ‘Guilty’. For that reason, he or she has to provide an account of the state of affairs to the judge. Subsequently, the judge will impose a fine on the basis of the explanation offered by the accused and the seriousness of the offense. Also, the driving record of the accused determines the amount of fine imposed by the judge.

Last, a person who is accused of violating traffic rules may possibly plea ‘No Contest’. As far as the Oregon Law is concerned, this plea results to guilty declaration by the court. On the other hand, the fine imposed by the judge normally depends on the explanation offered by the accused and his/her past driving record. Also, it depends on the seriousness of the offense.

An accused person who disobeys any court order may have his/her driving license suspended. Additionally, he or she may be subjected to more legal action and costs.