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Suicidal Tendencies Essay Example

Suicidal Tendencies Free Essay Example

Suicide can be defined as violence considered deadly against one self. Many cases of suicides are experienced daily in all parts of the world. In a general perspective, suicide is seen to be caused by a wide range of factors. According to studies done earlier, it was found out that many suicides and attempts are caused by financial difficulties, relationship breakups, and social problems.

Many youths who are in relationships end up being disappointed and heart broken by their counterparts. When such cases occur, some people cannot keep up with all the stresses that come along with it and they end up committing suicide. Some people cannot control their emotions and look at such break ups as the end of their lives. They believe they cannot do anything without those whom they break up with. Since many people tend to trust their partners so much, they cannot take in any kind of disappointment that come up in their relationships.

Many incidences have been seen where a person hangs himself or herself because they found their partners with other people especially in compromising states or they receive messages that their relationships were no more. Many young people have been found to be victims of these incidences. Some are not mature enough to know how to deal with such cases of relationships break up and may see themselves as useless and no meaning in life if they don’t have certain people as part of them in their lives. Moreover, cases of suicides are frequent with unmarried than those who are married.

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Another factor that has been found to be a cause of suicide is economic cycles. Due to lack of employment in many countries all over the world, people get frustrated because they cannot make ends meet. When a person fails to get the very basic needs, they tend to lose hope in life. People will not help to see other people get on with good lives when they themselves hardly get a meal in a week. When a man cannot provide for his family for example, he feels useless and would not withstand the shame. Some end up committing suicide as a way of not facing the community and being referred to as a failure. Sometimes a person may be in debts and is not in a position to repay due to lack of income, such person will not stand to see the people he owes come to him every day and even harass him. Due to this, such a person may decide to commit suicide.

Occupation is another factor that has greatly caused suicide and suicide attempts. People who have low-paying jobs with high external supervision and many responsibilities to take care of tend to commit suicide compared to those having well paying jobs, promotions, and good paths of careers. In addition, demotion in job places can make a person commit suicide. People who are used to high life standards will not tolerate how people around him would treat him. He will see it as a downfall and may not be able to maintain his living standards. They find their self-image as being impaired and their self worth is negatively evaluated and rejected. When this occurs, such victims tend to be prone to suicidal acts since they tend to have a high sense of anomie and alienation that result into decrease in their level in social integration in the society.

Although not to high extent, Ethnicity and migration is seen to cause suicides in some parts of the world. When people migrate from one part to another, they lose the social tie they had with their neighbors. They at times get it difficult to move into the new society. Other than this, the immigrants may get mental illnesses due to social isolation in the new society maybe due to cultural and other differences and end up in suicide. In addition, temporal variation, locality, and public welfare are minor causes of suicides.

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Other than these social precipitating factors in suicide, we also have cultural factors that are seen to be the major causes of suicides. Most countries are dominated by extended family lives. This leads to individual concerns being overridden by family loyalty. In some parts, the cultural position of a woman in marriage is a major factor that causes increased suicides number in women compared to that of their male counterparts. Some countries still practice arranged marriages where a woman is married to a man of family choice against her wish. Some of these marriages turn abusive and women end up committing suicide. Some women are driven into suicide especially when they are harassed due to dowry expectation not being met by their families.

Not only in forced marriages do we experience suicide incidences. We also get them when there is family opposition of marriage between some partners. When parents of an individual are against their relationship with another, these people may end up committing suicide or even both of them committing at the same time. This is however, experienced in the rural areas compared to in the urban areas. This is because of the woman’s position in a traditional society. A woman’s economical and social status is challenging whether married or not. Other than the cultural position of a woman in a rural set up, most victims in the rural areas get access to many materials that can be used for suicide.

For many young people especially those in school, they always get pressure to perform well in their examinations. In case they unfortunately fail, they cannot take in the shame and they end up committing suicide. According to previous research, it was noted that there is a stiff competition for good university or college places. If a person fails to attain the minimum grade that will enable him/her to join such institutions, they consider themselves as failure and may end up in suicide to avoid shame.

Throughout an individual’s life, Social factors are of great influence to health status, poor social circumstances therefore are detrimental to a person’s health. Health is a state in which a person is free from diseases/infection. A person’s health is influenced by several factors, they can either be social, physical, or psychological. Considering a social ladder, people who are at the bottom will always have a low life expectancy than those at a higher level. Psychological and social circumstances can result in long-term strain on an individual hence his/her health. Continuing insecurity, anxiety, and low self-esteem are harmful to human health. When these psychological and social stresses are accumulated, it may result in reduced mental health and subsequent premature deaths.

Social factors which put an individual into a particular social class influence a person’s health to a large extent, some people value body size and body image especially in areas where there is little food while those in places of plenty food will value body size negatively and even chances of obesity expected (Bude, 2008). This is considered as a threat to the health of an individual. On the other hand, People of high socioeconomic status have a high accessibility to medical attention every time. This gives them a chance to prevent any infection before attacks. This therefore keeps them at a high health standard compared to those of low economic status who may not be in a position to even get treatment when sick. More specifically housing as a social factor is very important for good health. How and where people live accounts for their health state. Poor housing may lead to poor health due to susceptibility to diseases. If people live in unwell ventilated house, leaking, or poor drainage systems, they can easily get infected with diseases related to poor hygiene.

Physical factors influence health of an individual. One of these factors is the environment surrounding an individual. There are different components in the environment we live. Clean and polluted environments are the major dynamic characteristics we face every day. A person exposed to a highly polluted environment is highly exposed to many respiratory diseases compared to a person in a clean environment hence, good health. Another physical factor is exercise; a person who takes regular exercise is healthier than a person who does not. Exercise helps to breakdown fats and hence assimilation of food consumed every day. Diet, Smoking , and alcohol consumption are other factors that influence a person’s health. People who take unbalanced diets, smoke or consume alcohol have high risks of infection by diseases hence poor health. Unbalanced diets lead to poor health and those who smoke get lung diseases like lung cancer. Alcohol consumption leads to infections of the liver like cirrhosis hence poor health and death.

In conclusion, suicides are caused by different factors, which can be social, economical, or cultural. These factors affect people of different ages, adolescents through the old. Most people have failed to control these factors leading them to suicide and hence its existence to date. On the other hand, physical, social, and psychological factors are of great influence to human health.