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Special Education Essay Example

Special Education Teacher/ Social Worker/ Evaluator

Kindhearted, empathetic professional whois flexible and accommodating in the design and implementation of inspiring students’ hand-on lessons. Have a solid background of academic study that developed skills in several relevant areas. Outstanding communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills with a reputable experience in teaching adults and children of diverse cultural backgrounds. Service-focused social worker with a strong commitment to serve the needs of disadvantaged youths, adults and people with special needs. Strong problem solving ability, and time management skills with proven success handling multiple responsibilities. Core competencies include:

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%u25BA    Cognitive Development                     %u25BA    Infants living with Autism                          %u25BA Ms Office Suite

%u25BA    Assessment and Evaluation             %u25BA    Disadvantaged Youth                                   %u25BA    Multi-sensory Lesson

%u25BA    Infant Improvement                             %u25BA    Disadvantaged Adults                                 %u25BA    Use of Manipulative

%u25BA    Infant Development                             %u25BA    People with Special Needs                          %u25BA    Learning Centers Management

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NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH – All About Kids/ Metro Children Service   DEC 2004 – PRESENT

Early Intervention / ABA Instructor / Service Provider and Evaluator


SEPT 2002 – JUL 2007


v  P368 Star Academy Vocational After school Program

v  Autism Speak

New York State Teaching Certification  |  Special Education Teacher

New York State Department of Health  |  Service Provider Coordinator and Evaluator Certification