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Social Problems Research

Drug abuse is a rising social problem in the United States of America. The issue of drug abuse directly affects the community and raises controversies which relates to moral values. According to Califano, consequences of drugs abuse threaten Americans from every region, socioeconomic background, racial identity and educational level although; the effects are not felt in proportion. Drug abuse is a social problem that has direct links with crime in America, devastating health consequences and most important, the loss of productivity.       

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      Evidently, societal values influence the definition of a social problem. Califano argues that social problems are issues that are undesirable and incompatible with societal values. Drug abuse leads to degradation of values held by the society given that those who operate under the influence of drugs can easily commit antisocial acts such as homicide. Such issue becomes problematic to the society as it always leads people into breaking societal values. Social problems have triggered societal responses that seek to identify the solution to them. Most societies have developed facilities such as rehabilitation centers and have teamed up with other organizations to tackle various social problems.

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      It is imperative to have initiatives at individual, legislative and community level in order to solve the issue of drug-abuse in the society. The government should vigorously enforce the existing laws prohibit drug abuse. Moreover, the legislature should come up with tough measures against those involved in drug trafficking and users of these drugs through the passage of relevant laws. Such measures will reduce the chances of people trafficking drugs thus resulting in the decline of drug abuse. Similarly, the community should also be in the front line in fighting drug abuse. Developing facilities such as rehabilitation centers for those addicted with drugs will go a long way in tackling drug addiction. Likewise, individuals can restrict themselves from any involvement in drug trafficking, and this will significantly reduce cases of drug abuse.