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Three Big Companies Essay: Social and Ethical Positions

Walt Disney, Dr Pepper Snapper Group Inc. and Coach Inc. Essay Example

It is the responsibility of any company to have in-built and self-regulating policies that will enable it to monitor and ensure that it has fully complied with ethical standards, international norms and the spirit of the law. When all these are in place, then a company becomes ethically and socially responsible. A socially and ethically responsible company is the one that serves its customers, employees, owners, and the community within which it operates. A socially and ethically responsible company must serve its clients by selling quality products, its employees by providing good jobs, the community by making the world and environment safe, and its owners by generating profits. Therefore, this paper will highlight the social and ethics position of three companies: Walt Disney, Dr Pepper Snapper Group Inc., and Coach Inc.

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Since its establishment on October 16, 1923 by two brothers, Roy and Walt Disney, Walt Disney has tried to be ethically and socially responsible. This attribute has made its products and brands more attractive, the bond between the company and consumers has strengthened, and the company has become a more desirable place to work. Disney has used various approaches to sustain its social and ethical responsibility. For example, Disney is renowned for its environmental stewardship, which dates back to its origin and founders, the Walt brothers. The founder’s pioneering foresight set the platform for a solid emphasis on environmental care, which was clear from the filming of the True Life Adventure documentary series. Another approach that Disney employs to enhance ethical and social responsibility is through community outreach programs.

Disney is dedicated to making the dreams of children and families a reality through community outreach, public service initiatives, and volunteerism in Central Florida (Gunther, 2006). Disney also funds many nonprofit and local organizations all over the world though its Disney VoluntEARS program (Gunther, 2006). The company also supports social and ethical responsibility through diversity and inclusion. It is argued that the company’s employees, suppliers, operating participants and other partners advocate for an environment that leverages its diversity with the aim of promoting inclusive experience for cast members, guests and communities. Together with Walt Disney World®, the Walt Disney Company has been offering their support to the wellness and health viewers, guests and cast members. Although Disney has been on the forefront in promoting and practicing social and ethical responsibility, there have been some ethical lapses within the company.

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For example, due to its importance as a chief revenue producer as well as its enormous size, the company has been awarded government-like leeway over its territory in Florida. For that reason, Disney has used these powers to act like a law enforcement entity in its own, evade civil suites, and intimidate plaintiff representatives. Similarly, this company has declined to drop its “gay friendly” policies despite numerous boycotts from Christian lobby groups. Dr Pepper Snapper Group Inc., is another company that has a longstanding history of caring for its customers, consumers, employees and neighboring communities where it lives and does business. As CEO Larry D Young says, “embracing social and ethical responsibility is the heart of our business.” The social and ethical responsibility position of this company can be seen in the different areas.

For instance, Dr Pepper Snapper Group Inc continues to adopt and refine practices that minimize its environmental footprint through recycling, waste reduction, and water and energy conservation (Dr Pepper Snapper Group, 2010). The company also develops, and responsibly market great tasting beverages. Due to evolving demand, Dr Pepper Snapper Group Inc., manufactures a wide range of functional and non-calorie products and “better for you” choices that fit the active and healthy lifestyle of consumers. On the same note, the company provides support for local and national programs that promote fitness and active lifestyles. In the company’s workplace environment, there has been a significant reduction in lost time injury rate by 25 percent.

The company has always ensured that it audits all high-risk suppliers and conduct third-party risk assessment annually to ensure full compliance with the company’s ethical sourcing code of conduct. Moreover, the company has a reputable record on philanthropy as it has attained an annual charitable cash donation of $10 million as well as contributing an estimated 100 volunteer hours (Dr Pepper Snapper Group, 2010). Alaska Airlines is another company that has taken an unwavering stance on social and ethical responsibility.