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Should Sex and Violence on Television Be Restricted

Sex And Violence Free Essay Example

The debate over sex and violence on television has been going on for several years. Many researchers have supported, while few are against restrictions. There are various negative factors of sex and violence on television, such as creating fear, aggressive, crimes and many more. This paper is going to discuss the reasons why sex and violence on television should be restricted.

Some television programs, like guns, murders, shooting, explosions, punching, screaming stabbing, car chases, disasters, death and smashes creates a great fear to the viewers. Sex and violence on television is able to persuade people to commit offenses and become aggressive. This is can be caused by watching a single violent program more frequently. Those children watch programs in which violence is more realistic and frequently repeated are more likely to imitate whatever they have seen.

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On the other hand, pornography is now mostly available on television to children all over the world. Watching of pornography adds no value especially to the children, because this can even lead to rapes, adultery, sexual molestation and other illicit acts.

Children from United States of America spend most of their time watching television (Atkin 12). The Act against violence project, states that an average children use two to four hours per day viewing television. According to the Kaiser foundation, nearly all children in the United States that is 99% just stay home and watch television and one-third they have television in their bedrooms. Therefore, the more a child watch television, the lesser the time a kid has for physical activities. In addition, television’s adverts of food target kids are in excess calories for example hamburger. These adverts encourage deprived eating habit, plus snacks while viewing television this leads to obesity.

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According to the Act against violence, the violent deeds are learned, that is whatever a kid learn at an early ages will have a greater impacts in their lives. Eighty one percent of parents have witnessed their children imitating either positive or negative behaviors from television that is by Kaiser Foundation report. Therefore, children can imitate live model also what they have seen on television with no clear understanding of their actions (Anderson 6)

The researchers from the university of Michigan says that children who uses most of their time watching television they become aggressive adults.  It demonstrated that women and men who views violent television programs are more likely to show violent propensities as adultThe report still confirmed that violent programs that most likely have the majority harmful effects on children’s cognitive advancement are those hero is defensible in being violent and children are most probably to imitate the hero.

Since television has exposured both children and adult to impressive the telecommunications Act (1996) stated that, within 2 years of its channel televisions should be manufactured with a V-shape. This give parents permission to block some television program, which they may think or perceive they are destruction to their kids through working with television rating system.  The television programs apart from news and sports could receive ratings and parent could use these ratings to determine the program to block. The effectiveness of the system depends on the size of the utility of the television rating system. The first system was developed by entertainment industry and was called TV parental guidelines. This enabled the parents to block programs that would display information concerning the sex and violence.

In conclusion, the sex and violence on television should be restricted, because it impairs commercial reminiscence through consuming concentration and punctual sexual and violent thinking, hence reducing the like hood that commercial communication is encoded into long-term memory.