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Research Paper on Schizophrenia Disorder

Free Essay on Schizophrenia Disorders

This paper highlights important points that can be used to understand and deal with schizophrenia disorder. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder but not a multiple personality disorder or bipolar disorder as often confused by many people. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that takes place in three forms: paranoid schizophrenia characterized by auditory hallucinations and delusions; disorganized schizophrenia usually defined through behavior and speech that are not organized or difficult to comprehend; and catatonic which is diagnosed through movement disturbances. A careful diagnosis of the disorder includes identification of psychotic symptoms which can be categorized as negative and positive. However, diagnosis of the Schizophrenia disease must be founded on the nature of symptoms and not the content. Although there is no genetic link to the disorder, there are some genes associated with it. Generally, schizophrenia is as a result of a number of factors like social factors, environmental stressors and factors, pre-natal infections or the excess use of hallucinogens.

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Statistics show that the disorder is a common occurrence affecting all age groups with only a few getting effective treatment. Schizophrenia is listed among the main causes of disability in countries globally. Positive symptoms of schizophrenia are based on perceptions, behaviors and thoughts that are usually absent with normal people. Negative symptoms are usually the absence of thoughts, behaviors or perceptions which are normally linked with normal people. No perfect treatment for schizophrenia has been established although therapy has been found to deliver some positive results on the patients. Some patient abuse substances but this only makes the situation worse. “Atypical Antipsychotic” has in the recent years been used as treatment along other psychological treatments like psychotherapy. Generally, schizophrenia is a deadly mental disorder which fragments the elementary psychological functions.

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