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I have a very strong interest in pursuing a management career. Having contributed to the growth and success of different organizations as a sales and marketing professional, I am in quest of new challenges with a company in need of an employee with exceptional communication skills, charismatic, and excellent management abilities. Taking challenges that energize and enable me actualize my keen interest in seeing goals to their completion, is my greatest strength.

As confirmed by the resume enclosed herewith, my experience includes sales/marketing, business development and account management. One of my greatest assets is to analyze requirements and come up with unique solutions designed to be profitable. Credited with drastically impacting outcome effectiveness wherever I have worked, I excel at streamlining less efficient actions to advance productivity and turnover.

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I am certain that my years of achievement and in-depth knowledge of the industry would be of value to your organization. I would like to meet with you to demonstrate that along with my credentials, I have the personality and horsepower to make a difference in your organization. Be assured your time investment will be amply repaid.

Yours Sincerely,


Nationality: United States


Marital Status: Single

Religion: Christian


Looking for an opportunity in management field to use skills, knowledge and experience in a proficient, equally useful and growth-oriented business environment. I seek a position with a challenging environment that will present opportunities to demonstrate sound initiative and judgment on operational issues, leadership and professional issues within the spectra of my expertise while contributing to the organization’s short term and future success.

I am a highly motivated person and have proven to overcome business challenges and make decisions of high stake within high pressure and fast paced environments using strong work ethic, humor, innovation, using experienced backed judgment and irreproachable integrity. I am respected as a change agent, motivational proponent of empowerment and accountability and a lead by example.

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Professional Background

A versatile and skilled sales/marketing professional with excellent hands-on experience in developing and improving sales in business management industry

Academic qualification

Long Island University-C.W. Post Campus:

Major:  Business marketing (BMK)

York College-City University of New York:

Degree:  Bachelor of Science (BS)    2002

 Major: Business Marketing (BMK)

Professional experience and other responsibilities

2005 to Present: Coca- Cola Enterprises

Key Responsibilities

2004-2005: Coca-Cola Enterprises

Key Responsibilities

2002-2004:Coca-Cola Enterprises

Key Responsibilities

2000-2002: Urban Visions, Inc.

Key Responsibilities

Achievements and awards                                                                                      Year

Hobbies and other interests  (Provided upon request)