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To answer the question on which between science and art is more useful to mankind, we have to consider the nature of both disciplines, as well as their contributions to mankind. Art, as a discipline, requires the use of one’s creative skills in order to make an artistic output. The important thing to note about this discipline is that artists “create.” They create new things, or modify old things to create a new one. In creation of a song, for example, an artist may make a new song or modify an old song in a creative way in order to create a new one (consider mash-ups as examples). Through creation, an artist is able to express his ideas in a creative manner. Art, therefore, makes the world a better one by removing dullness from it. Artists are likewise able to use their talents through art, a positive attribute that we must pass on to the next generations.

Science, on the other hand, employs scientific method in discovering things about us and the world. One may say that science, as a discipline, makes one think only within the box, i.e. within the confines of the scientific method. However, this characteristic of science is what actually makes it a reliable discipline. Science teaches us to look for evidence before believing in things; otherwise we are merely making groundless speculations. If through art, we create, through science, we discover. Through examining things around us, we are able to understand the human structure better. Scientists are therefore able to treat diseases which used to be deadly. We are also able to understand the world, which makes us now able to reduce the damage created by natural disasters. Though art is useful to mankind, I deem science as more valuable as it enlarges our knowledge, which makes us capable of making this world a better and safer place to live in.

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