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Write out the sentence you think is the thesis

The sentence that shows the thesis of the argument that is put in place is the one that state, diversity in education is just as important as the access itself. This sows the thesis to be argued about, as the access to education is the initial pint towards diversity. The understanding that is supposed to be taken to account in the diversity of education relies on the chance that one has towards he access of education. Briefly, the accessibility of education is the core value that leads to all the diversity held therein.

Paragraph relating closely to the thesis

The fourth paragraph has a lot of emphasis about the thesis that has been put forward. According to this paragraph it emphasis how diversity in education pertains. The paragraph ensures that it offers the different way to look at the diversity of education. It shows the incorporation of the multicultural and inclusive perspective of the diversity of education.

It explains giving different examples that pertains the diversity of education especially in US. Through offering examples, that shows some relevance towards the thesis that has been put forward. Therefore, this has explained the postulated thesis better than other paragraphs.

Paragraphs don’t seem to relate as closely to the thesis

There is no paragraph that is out of context in addressing the thesis. All the paragraphs in one way or the other have tried to explain the diversity of education making sure that this thesis has been discussed widely. However, there is a sentence in the excerpt that has not shown quite a good explanation of this thesis. This sentence, ‘While this doesn’t necessarily require special courses, unfortunately in academia these perspectives are shunted into the ghetto of “Studies” majors.

Quote that relates best to the thesis

Most of the quotes in the excerpt are relevant. However, some of them seems to require a lot of thinking to relate to the given thesis. A quote that is offered in the exercept require a prior knowledge or more explanation fro example, what makes Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet any more worthy of inclusion to an introductory English class than the epic “Tale of Genii” or the Frank Song of Roland or the Rufiyaa of Omar Khayyam?

Advice to the writer

There is a lot of good work that has been done. However, use of direct example would do the writer good, as it would offer good relationship with thesis given

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