Music and Modern Literature Free Essays Example

While we are children life comes to us easy. It only reveals its true self to us when we grow up and face utmost and demanding challenges where we fall a lot before we succeed and land on a fortunate life. A song that depicts the very notion is “I Dare You to Move” by the band Switchfoot which brings forward the feeling and situation of a time when we fall on to the ground owing to a defeat, where we stand helpless and beaten. That is the time that demands our utmost courage and everybody waits for our actions to stand for our rights and change our fate. Of course “Success is counted Sweetest by those who never succeed,” as Emily Dickinson puts it in her poem, but rising up from that bottom point to make something of the situation is the challenge which life brings to us. Thus, we can see a resemblance in the situations and themes of life that the song and the poem put forward for us to understand.

In the song “I Dare You To Move” Switchfoot expresses a situation when a person may find himself down trodden and desperate for a cure to make everything how it should be and not how it is. This is the very situation of a defeat where we hope for success and redemption of our mistakes. But nobody else does that for us, we have to change our own fate and take stand for our rights to make a difference. No body else can give us what we want unless we try to get it ourselves. Life only throws challenges at us and we get defeated when we do not give it our best. To grow bigger and go ahead in life we have to stand up every time we fall. Rising from the ground is the toughest part because that is the part where the world watches our moves and is ready to citizen. This massive ball of expectations and criticism is a big resistance during that phase where we fear having beaten again and falling again and in return lose our energy to rise up. We have to overcome that resistance to move ahead from the defeat or we life dreaming of victory and stay only on the ground helpless and in pain as depicted by Emily Dickinson in her poem.

When we are low, lose out and fall, then we only realize how great a victory could be and how we should be. The only difference is how we counter our resistances and rise up again to be victorious. Losing out from troubles and challenges does not mean to lie on the ground forever and die in pain. When we realize how great it could be to be a winner, we should strive up back again and go for it for the betterment of our lives.

We need to face up to our challenges and remember to jump back up when we fall. This is the philosophy over which both the song and the poem are based. Where one encourages getting up and striving, while the world is watching, the other tells how it feels to be at the ground wishing for glory. Both nonetheless infuse the notion of rising up and facing challenges to get victorious and glorious in life. Because we can not bridge the gap between how it is and how it should unless we try to get what we want from life and from ourselves. Nobody brings to us a perfect life on a silver platter we have to make it happen how we want it ourselves and we only get glorious in this manner or stay down trodden and broken.

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