The final essay on the Importance of Higher Education writer has proven great improvement and development in assay writing. The writer has accurately identified the topic that so specifically matches the ideas discussed in the essay. The opening paragraph and introduction for the essay is so carefully written that a reader of the first paragraph already gets an idea about what is being written on.

It is imperative to point out that the writer has greatly improved in formatting of the essay and organization of the main ideas. At least every main idea is correctly placed within complete paragraphs with concise illustrations. The sentence structures have also been modified such that every complete paragraph has simple sentences with clear information being communicated. The only aspect in the formatting of the essay that the writer could probably consider correcting is the length of every paragraph. From the final essay, the paragraphs that are extremely long could be broken down up to three paragraphs.

Punctuations, quotes and citation in the essay are so pleasantly placed. In this part, the writer has greatly improved and is doing a great work compared to initial essays. This is an achievement and progress on the part of the writer. Quotes are not as dominant as they were in the initial essays. The writer has managed to put the quotes within sentences with correct citations. This level of writing is achievable by only a few essay writers.

Grammatical use in the essay is superb. The writer has greatly improved in the group in terms of grammar. At least compared to other writers in the same group, the writer has really advanced in grammar. Maturity in grammar by this writer is shows that given slight adjustments, the writer can be do a perfect essay in the final writing.

In conclusion, the writer‘s essay is generally great as compared to the essays written by other group members. The writer has progressed well considering the final essay as compared with the previous works. This is reflected in the flow of ideas, mature presentation of facts and illustrations with complete sentences within independent paragraphs

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