Anima cruelty has been practice for millenniums by humans who strive to kill animals to get meat, fur and other products. In this paper I am going to discuss five videos that I watched on animal cruelty. The first video I watched about horses, ‘They Were Forgotten’ about horses’. The veteran man’s very loyal companions have been totally forgotten (BrookePSU, 2009). True.  It was so breath taking the way Americans treated these wonderful creatures, I was surprised that a country like America could treat horses like they do. With a good history in their libraries, they could still have courage to raise them then lead them to slaughter houses. I was able to learn through other related films that George Washington led the American Revolution army on a horse back. It was estimated that 1.5 million horses died in the civil war (BrookePSU, 2009).

In the video, I was keen to understand where exactly these horses came from. I learned that they came from race tracks, wild rangers sold their horses and even homes that could not feed their horse sold them to auctioneering firms to be taken to slaughter houses in the love of money. When they are sold to the auctioneers they are confined, transported in big suffocating trucks to be slaughtered. Horses are very loyal animals to men. A wounded  cavalryman’s body was found with his horse by his side waiting for his master to wake up for nine days, in America’s history horses were so important that some individuals were buried beside this animals, Where did all this attachment go to? I realize that people can’t make a difference unless they are aware; Let’s not be part to these ruthless, brutal killings.

The second video which I watched ‘Fur farms in China’ I found that many animals are undergoing excruciating pain eventually they are killed for fur (The ODORAmdx, 2008). Fun fur as they call it contradicts the life that these animals go through. Animals are kept in cages with not even small objects to play with, I was taken aback that these dogs are raised in these cages that they have difficulty moving inside because the floor is made of wire mesh. Chinese 95% of fur produced is sold to European countries and China has improved up to 23% of their production from the year 2003. I felt so bad because all this countries buying are not aware of the kind of life these poor dogs are subjected to. I too realized that  I have one fur cot but when I watched the video I felt so bad that I was encouraging this kind of torture but have sworn that I will not allow any of my friends, sibling or relative do the same, I will at least narrate what I have seen. That way I will clear my conscience of being part of such cruelty.

The third video ‘Circus animals- Baby elephants cruelty’ I saw how the Ringley staff mistreated their animals (CinnamonR0le, 2009). I was shocked that as much as they used these animals to perform with in shows they still can’t treat them right. I saw how baby Benjamin drowned because the staff did not let her mother teach her how to swim. How the staff used very crude training methods and they could punish these elephants severely incase of not doing the right thing, It was clear to me that this was a continuous and persistent abuse to animals. I watched how the staff hit the animals with metal bars, how they tied the babies Angelica and duck around their feet and how they used sharp metal bowlers on the pregnant mother elephant and then taking her kid away without allowing her to even touch her baby all in the name of circus yet all this while it has immobilized by the staff who digs sharp metal bars into her skin. To me I consider this to be very traumatizing and a cause of emotional stress to these elephants me. What caught me off balance totally is that they even fail to provide vetinary care to them. I loved watching circuses just like many others but from this film I swore not to watch animal circus or any circuses that use animals as this will be participating in animal cruelty.

The ‘Butterball’s House of Horrors’ (officialpeta, 2008) which is the forth film I watched is just so horrific, these video should be widely shown to many people who love eating birds so they could see for themselves how these birds are treated before they could have them for a meal in where ever place they may be. To me this was disgusting, absurd and very insensitive. I was shocked to see men behaving like animals. I mean the birds being hanged in shackles, while struggling the workers will be hitting them against the trailers. Some could insert their fingers into their delicate body arts. Its just total insanity, someone may wonder the kind of pleasure they get by doing these. In my opinion these workers ought to be trained about animal’s welfare. The hole process is so violent and it doesn’t gain these workers anything instead they are enjoying it. I now will think twice I go to buy every time I want to eat chicken.

The fifth film which was my last video to watch ‘Canadian Seal Slaughter’ to me this video is a massacre, the way these Canadians crashes the heads of these seals with very crude objects is not in order under any circumstances. The blood bath caused due to the killings of these animals is touching. I was surprised that the Canadian government could allow such killings to take place so that they could get seal fur.  I learned that the killings were done indiscriminatingly; they kill even pups of three months old. The images that are shown in this film are just bad, the seals are clubbed to death, and then they are skinned sometimes while still alive. To me these does not seem right but rather brutal, the system alone is too bad, I wish there was some better way of doing all this like, but then that does not mean I will be supporting these killings. These should stop and these beautiful creatures should be given space to live there life. It’s a shame how big countries support animal cruelty. Indeed, these videos indicate that humans are very cruel to anima and always exploit the helpless animals for economic gains or other gains. It is a high time something should be done to help the helpless animals.

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