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Response to an Essay Written by a Fellow Student

Below is a response to an essay written by a fellow student? Through an assessment by one’s peers, one can significantly improve their writing skills. It helps one identify their weaknesses and strengths. As such, they can capitalize on the strengths and improve on their weaknesses. That way they become better writers.

A good writer is one who writes to be understood in their own voice and always figures out how to purge obstacles. The writer of this essay needs to furnish up a few things when it comes to grammar and structure. There are quite a number of grammatical errors in the essay such as misused tenses, incorrect punctuation, spelling and article use or lack of it among other things. Despite that, I feel that they are good and with a little more practice, they will be in a position to write perfectly.

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The essay makes me think about how one can be fluent in spoken English while they cannot write good essays. I think it is the case here, considering the way the writer asks himself questions and his sentence structure. It makes people think that they are listening to the writer talking in the normal corrupted English. I think the writer should practice a lot so that they learn English flow required in writing for the purpose of professionalism.

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The writer should be able to structure his work well; include a good introduction, body and a conclusion. The introduction ought to be a summary of what is to be discussed in the body, unlike his, which is overemphasized and very long considering the size of the essay. He should have described what or who a celebrity is and precisely point out the effects it has had on peoples’ lives.

When it comes to the body, he ought to have structured it in a better way. Paragraphs and sentences should not be too long. A paragraph, for instance, can only accommodate five to six lines. The writer should also work on his grammar in order to make his subsequent essays even more effective to the target readers. By having the reader in mind during composition, he can come up with a standard piece of writing. Proofreading his work after he is through with writing also would enable him to do away with silly mistakes evident in his work.

Despite his shortcomings as a writer, he has availed most of the useful points to the topic but how to present it remains a deadlock, at least to him. If he works on the structure and grammar, I think they are good to go.