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Response Paper on the Speech “I have dream”

I Have a Dream Essay example

Dr. King’s speech was researched well. He prepared himself well by studied the bible. Stylistically, his speech is depicted as a political article, a poetic work and a masterfully improvised and delivered sermon containing imagery and biblical language. Frequent repetition and rhythm including alliteration, is a device that is hallmarked and used to bring home main points. Dr. King has used different aspects of speech to highlight different points of interest in his speech. These concepts have great impacts on both the audience and the speech. This speech is majorly tied to a historical context which goes further than this article`s scope. In his speech he has used metaphors, allusions, repetition, emphasis and many other styles. In the speech rhetorical aspect known as anaphora, is one of the most commonly used aspect. Anaphora is known as the repetition of words at the opening of adjacent phrase. “I have a dream” has been successively repeated in eight sentences and is the most commonly cited anaphora in a recent rhetoric.

This repetition twice sets the pattern and more importantly it adds on the rhetorical consequence and stress the pattern. other key phrases of anaphora include; “one hundred years later” in paragraph three, “now is the time” in paragraph 6 and many others in the rest of the speech. When reading the repeated clauses in sequence, these main phrases tell a lot about the story. The repetition also makes the phrases more memorable and as a result the w2holle story becomes memorable. This can contribute towards the main reasons why Dr. King used anaphora in his speech.

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Another aspect of speech used by dr. king is the use of appropriate quotation or allusion. Inducing past and literary reference is a strong technique of writing a speech and can be implicitly or explicitly executed. Dr. King has used allusions in paragraph two “five score years ago” and “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in paragraph he clearly refers to the credible speakers and writers in his speech thereby improving his arguments credibility. Dr. King has used a number of biblical allusions to provide a moral basis for the arguments of dr. king. For instance he evokes Jeremiah 2; 13 “let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” In paragraph eight. The use of specific examples when illustrating ones logical argument improves one`s speech greatly. Dr. King accomplishes this by making g geographical references in his speech.

In paragraph 13 Dr. King uses Mississippi, New York. Dr.  King applied the use of metaphors in his speech. One major importance of using metaphors is to allow the association of your concepts of speech with emotions and concrete images. In order to clearly show the contrast between two concepts of abstracts, on should conceder linking them with complementary concrete metaphors. For instance, to contrast racial justice with segregation, dr. king suggests the metaphors that contras of desolate a dark valley and the path tat is sunlit. In the second paragraph he says “joyous daybreak to end the long night o their captivity. Therefore dr. king has used metaphors in order to draw attention to contrasting concepts.

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Repetition in anaphora form is quite clear. There are more delicate ways to apply repetition. For example, repetition can be used by repeating the key theme words in the whole body of the speech. If you happen to count the frequency of “I have a dream” as used in the speech, very appealing patterns. Come out. The word “freedom” is used twenty times in the speech. Since freedom is one of the themes expressed in the speech, it clearly makes since in the speech. Other key themes as used in the speech in clued; we, which is used thirty times, nation is used ten times and many others. The speech “I have a dream” can be summarized by using the frequently used words to bring out some sense. It is clear that one o the reasons why dr. king has used repetition of key themes I to summarize the themes of the speech and also to form appealing patterns that makes the poem interesting to the audience and the readers. Dr. King has used specific ways to add on persuasive power to his speech. For instance he uses a number of images to describe  the black Americans plight and the old testament Hebrews under slavery oppression; “the manacles of segregation “and “the chains of discrimination” the last line of the speech calls upon “the old negro spiritual’ and is steeped in influence of the bible.

The speech of dr. king has at times a dry sense of humor. In his speech, funny conversation between Dr. Logue and the duke, when they try to equalize and destroy the barriers that were previously built up. Bertie is defensive and reserved while Lionel is direct and candid. His speech brings out bad, good, trying and humorous times. the period had different settings, different people but the circumstances can be seen as comparable to the present with somebody with a circumstance that not every person comprehends and often is misguided for being feeble than they truly are . To consider in depth dr. kings speech, and the use of images and rhetoric due to passage from letter to Birmingham jail” and particularly note down how Dr. King attempts to appeal his audience. This does not seem so much for the final reason of writing in a manner that it is well unspoken instead, he applies very biblical, cultural standard establishment of Anglo society.

Dr. King had a great sense of informative technique. He applied his technique well by using mythos, ethos, logos and pathos. He portrayed a style of mythos when he used cultural legends like the history of justice of the nation in his speech. He tasted that when the ancestors declared independence and wrote the constitution, they promised by signing that would guarantee the life of liberty, life and quest of happiness to everyone. With his speech credibility, he applied ethos effectively by saying “we can never be satisfied as long as our bodies, heavy with fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotel of the cities… as long as the Negros basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one.” He addressed people with such real examples that are visual of things that were happening during those times. This made people to finally realize that they were wrong. Dr. King used ethos to give a real picture of the things which were wrongly done and indeed it made a positive impact to the people.

Dr. King made an outstanding organization in his oration. He is widely known among the greatest speakers in the whole nation and up to date people celebrate him by quoting his words. His speech was remarkable due to his proper use of linguistic devices and aspects that make it memorable and well understood in our real life situation. His concepts and technique in speech delivery had a positive impact to the audience and it was a heroic success. His works are widely known in school in the whole nation.