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Response Essay

The development of the essay can be generally considered progressive. The writer is improving from the earlier essay compared to the final essay. It is worth pointing out that the writer is developing essay writing skills especially as far organization of ideas is concerned. From the first essay to the final one, the writer has developed in the ability to concisely organize ideas into complete paragraphs with simple structured sentences.

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The writer has managed to improve the essay and direct its focus to a precise topic. Unlike the initial essay that was about education as an indicator of success, the writer has managed to narrow down on the importance of education. The focus has been narrowed on how parents and children strive to have quality education with good grades. Further, the writer has improved in formatting of the essay. The paragraphs in the final essay are not as long as they are in the other essays. However, the writer still needs to shorten the paragraphs.

It is worth noting that the final essay has slightly changed as compared to the earlier one. In the final essay, the writer has managed to integrate the ideas in the initial essay using the same illustrations and examples. There is also general improvement in the use of grammar, quotes and citations for the same. This is a good and commendable progress in writing since it helps in limiting misunderstanding and greatly enhancing clarity, connectivity and continuity of the ideas from one paragraph to the other.

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Simplicity of ideas and language is considered an asset in the evaluation of the quality of an essay. There is excessive use of linguistic jargon in the essays preceding the final work. The final essay looks well organized, simplified and correctly so, more comprehensive indicating that the writer is making steps in the right direction in essay writing.

In conclusion, the final essay is commendable in terms of language use, simplicity and continuity from one end to the next. This writing skill enhances comprehensiveness and understanding of what the writer is communicating.