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This assignment is going to evaluate on the comment of one of American commentator that emphasized that the summer of 1968 was a summer of hate. According to Quinn (1996) notes that history literary encompasses that the summer of 1967 was a happy summer with little uprising and uproars. However, when the New Year of 1968 was ushered in all hell broke loose. The political sphere in the United State accrued into a very volatile atmosphere leading to the assassination of two prominent figures in the history of America revolution. The dawn of January 31 saw the hostiles in North Vietnam engage the bloodiest combat ever recorded in the history of military combat and is documented in numerous platinum awarded films and documentary, this coincided with election year in the United State. What followed after this events is what accrued riots in all states, this was the greatest appraisal for the American political atmosphere that left many dead in America and in Vietnam, thus this concluded the year of hate (Quinn, 1996).

Events of the year 1968

January 31, 1968 in Vietnam this was the day that all military combat has ceased fire because of these day marked a memorable day in the lunar calendar of the Vietnamese people termed as Tet, it was announced a two day holiday. However, the Vietnamese insurgent used this to their advantage breaking the Tet armistice and in the wee hours of the morning of January 31 engaged in the bloodiest combat to five major locations (Willbanks, 2008). This would later be contained after seven years of combat, the American citizen mostly the youth were protesting against the way while majority of the older generation were for the war dividing the nation into two.

After a denial in wages bargains Jackson (2006) notes that the Memphis public sanitation workers went on riot and when Doctor Martin Luthur King, Jr. went to make peace with them on April 4, he was shot in the balcony of the hotel he was residing. After this incident more than a hundred cities were torched and riots were in loom.

July 4, 1968 just as Robert F. Kennedy a presidential nominee who was a peace activist, was about to conclude his speech of victory over California Democratic Primary victory, he shot dead. This brought uproar and the riot escalated again and major cities were burned and businesses closed completely (Witcover, 1969). August 26, 1968 plans in Chicago were under way for Democratic National Convention but would later be disrupted by riots that the police were issued order of shoot and kill (Kusch, 2008).


These events marked the summer of hate where the political arena in the United State was one hostile territory. The revolting death of American soldiers in Vietnam made the youth riot for cease fire and the older generation abetting the war. This and the death of both Doctor Martin Luthur King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy made the greatest history of riots in the United State. This event led to the strengthening of the Americans as a world power and it political ideology was transformed as echoed by Quinn (1996).

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