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The issue of prostitution has remained controversial in many parts of the world if not everywhere. There have always been debates and discussions focusing on prostitution as a fundamental issue affecting millions of people around the world. Although prostitution rates differ from one country to another, these statistical figures are not much considered in addressing the legality of prostitution. The question which many nations and people have failed to address is whether prostitution is a crime or not. As a result, it has been quite difficult to curb prostitution both in developed and third world countries. This research analysis focuses on whether prostitution should be classified as a crime or legalized as viewed by individuals and even groups of people around the globally.

First and foremost, it is of great importance to understand some of the causes or factors that promote prostitution in the world. There is no single person born and destined to be a prostitute in life. This implies that prostitution is a form of lifestyle or behavior which is emulated and nurtured by individuals or triggered by specific factors within ones environment. Many sociologists argue that some of these factors include but not limited to sexual abuse and harassment, poverty, and modernization. Research has revealed that many people who experience sexual abuse from either a family member or a stranger have a higher likelihood of becoming prostitutes (Davis, 1937, p. 744). This inhuman act of violence makes a person loose self esteem and image. By seeing oneself as a good for nothing being, many victims see no sense in life making them to consider options like prostitution. It has also been argued that prostitution is a source of income and that many people engage in the practice because of poverty. However, the other side of truth is that not all prostitutes are poor people. Modernization and infiltration of the Western culture to other parts of world has also significantly contributed to the spread of prostitution in other parts like Africa.

Despite these questions, the controversy has remained on whether prostitution should be legalized or classified as a crime with a heavy penalty to criminals. What are the disadvantages of prostitution? Are there any benefits of prostitution and concrete reasons that can compel counties to legalize prostitution? Classification of prostitution as a crime needs to be based on it demerits which by far outnumber merits. For instance, prostitutes have always been vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS (Geis, Jackman, & O’Toole, 1963, p. 150). Although some people argue that there is protective sex, this is not enough to legalize prostitution. The risk of contracting HIV cannot be underestimated having in mind that the disease is a killer and an economic drainer in the world. The burden encountered by nations in supporting HIV patients is heavier than the cost of providing jobs and improving the living standards of people.

Additionally, prostitution adversely affects morality in the world. It has greatly contributed to moral degradation and loss of ethical standards. Legalizing prostitution would do no good other than lowering human dignity and value of life (David, &Earls, 1989, p. 401). Using human body as commercial products contradicts the purpose of life and its purity. Whether it is among married or single men and women, prostitution is against religious teachings. It contributes to the rising of social misfits and outcasts due to contradicting beliefs, traditions and moral values.

Although prostitution is always consensual between the two parties, there is every need of dealing with this practice with an aim of completely eliminating it in the society. This can be achieved through rehabilitation of drug addicted individuals who get involved in prostitution due to substance influence. Creation of jobs is important in promoting the living standards of people who may consider commercial sex as a source of cheap income. Public awareness is also essential in addressing the dangers of prostitution and the need to uphold morality. Above all, people have to appreciate the value of life and the eternal need of preserving it. Prostitution deforms character, self image and esteem.

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