There are many people who own guns mainly for the purpose of protecting themselves. However, guns are a dangerous object and its ownership needs to be protected by law. Such laws are meant to be strict so that people would not procure guns without good reason of protecting themselves1. Before someone is issued with rights of ownership of a gun they should prove that their life is in threat and there is need for protection.

Owning a gun as a hobby is not supported by the law and it is illegal. The provisions of rights to own a gun are clear that it should be given to grownups of sound mind. They should also prove that their life is in danger and there is need for them to own a gun for the purpose of protecting themselves.

Control of ownership of guns is important to control on use of illegal arms for crime. Once someone is issued with the right to own a gun they are then given a certificate which easily indentifies them therefore if the gun is used in crime the police would easily trace the owner1.  Therefore, owning a gun juts for the purpose of using it as a hobby is illegal and contravenes with the legalized purpose of having it.

Being in possession of a gun is dangerous as human beings are prone to be angry. When someone is angry they are most likely not able to control themselves. People who owns a gun because it’s a hobby they are most likely to misuse it as they do not have good reason on why they should be in possession of such a highly dangerous weapon. That’s the reason why parents or any person who is licensed to own a gun is advised to keep it away from access of unauthorized person1.  The license of owning a gun is also limited to one person who had applied for it and they are the only people who are allowed by law to use the gun. Therefore, any other person who uses the gun which is not licensed to them it is against the law.

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