Short Essay on If I Were the Prime Minister

The field of religion is a sensitive issue as it encompasses many aspects of human life. When it comes to churches and how daily activities should be run so as ensure smooth running various aspects should be taken into consideration. As the Prime minister I will derive an action plan to address the issues. I would seek to establish the origin the setbacks that bombard the church.  The plan of action will start by initial evaluation of the situation so as to as ascertain the depth of the problems. The evaluation will involve answering various queries that will help pinpoint the major contributing factors and analyse the present status of the church with regard to various factors.

What the church is currently undertaking in relation to how it seeks and develops believers. This will be done by analyzing the population of the church over the years. This will mainly involve checking the attendances of services. Also data about new member who have joined the ministry will be evaluated so as the growth trend is calculated. This will enable me to see if there a need for change in order to achieve greater effectiveness, larger impact. Should a need be found it will be triangulated. Change here means if the existing modes of developing believers should be replaced. The specific need will be thoroughly analysed so as to establish where specifically it lies. This will mean that i will do a study that will cut across all the variables of the congregation with regard to age, facilities, health of the followers and also analyse the status of the community where the followers come from.  This is important as it will help bring out the differences clearly because different age groups have got different needs that have to be addressed individually. For instance youths may be facing some challenges that make them behave in a way which compromises the growth of the congregation. Also the elderly may be facing challenges e.g. health problems which make the not able to attend church meetings. A major influence to the church is the community. The community may impact positively or negatively on the church hence, analysis of this social organ is very important as it defines acceptance of the church and its member in the community. This makes it easy for prioritization of the interventions.

After establishing where there is need, the major thing to do next will be to come up with a strategy for addressing the needs. Here the most important issue is how it will be done. Acceptance of the intervention is an important aspect. Hence a good working relationship with the congregation should be cultivated. Another important mode of approach is to make the congregation feel and see the deficit. This in turn will enhance and develop the congregation’s interest in feeling the gap. As a leader I would develop an image of a leader who is focused and aimed at reviving the church. Also this will automatically impact positively on the followers as they will recognize the need for change or transition from the previous system of things.

The church is meant to spread the word of God and to provide for the peoples spiritual needs of the congregation. Therefore, a further evaluation is inevitable. This will be cantered on comparing the current ministries with biblical purpose of the church. This is to mean that I will seek to establish whether the church is meeting its biblical objectives with the kind of activities it ministries it undertakes. This may include looking at gospel spreading activities of the church and ascertaining their efficiency

As a leader I will come up with the alternative modes of carrying out the activities. The ministries will scrutinized for flaws. The next thing is coming up with adjustments. These are modifications that are meant to make the ministries more efficient. Necessary changes that should be made will communicated to the organs concerned and this will ensure that the congregation is aware of what is going on so as to facilitate easy transition. Since the church has various has a vision and several missions it is wise to assist it in attaining all of its objectives and missions. This will be accomplished by proper leadership which is cantered at the well being of the church rather than individuals. Apathy is one of the issues that may pose as a setback to the church’s activities therefore, inspiration is an important tool to use to boost the morale of the congregation. I will fight to make is clear that building future for the church contributes to the strength of the congregation since it will bring all of them together towards achieving a common goal.

Developing an economical and efficient organizational structure is also important since it will minimize unnecessary use of resources. However the organization structure should be one that is essential and one that address the underlying issues. Another thing that is of importance is creating fervent atmosphere which will cultivate enthusiasm. This will ensure that the congregation is always willing to participate in the churches activities with utmost zeal.

Another aspect that will be included in the plan of action will be assisting thecongregation to see the need for change. This change may be a stepping stone to development consecutively achieving of the congregation’s vision. Alternatives are designed so that the best way to accomplish a purpose is the one applied in the interventions. The activity should be in a way that avoids doubling. This ensures uniqueness of the single endeavours that are meant to facilitate growth of the church. In turn, this will mean that people will easily identify the structures and make it easy for them to contribute wherever they see they can fit. Changes are also may also be made in worship styles in order to improve their functioning. This is important as constant repetition of activities tends to bring boredom since people will be used to the same things. However if a little change for the better is adopted it brings a little spice to the activities and hence cultivate interest which in turn improves efficiency while improving the spiritual wellbeing of the followers

Unstable lives contribute to poor spiritual wellbeing hence, as a leader I will address the stability issues of my congregation so as to avoid losing the subjects to desperation. This will be done by paying attention to individual member’s needs and making sure the needs are addressed so as to find the most appropriate methodology to tackle the shortcomings. Since the previous system of things had some pitfalls it is wise to change its mode of operation. However smooth change is the best method to adopt. This kind of change may reflect various aspects of the church and spiritual life.

Transition of heart is one of the changes. This refers to the changes from concepts to lifestyles. Here the followers are to adopt lifestyles that reflect what they have been learning in church. This means practicing what they believe or applying what they learn in the gospels in their real life. This will be reflected in the love and understanding that will be as a result of that transition. Another mode of transition is philosophical change. This entails the involvement that the followers should have in the day to day activities of the church. Here, members are encouraged to be active participants rather than just commenting on how things should be run. These kinds of measures will ensure cohesiveness in the church’s activities. A sense of ownership and belonging will also be cultivated in the church. Transition of structure is the final type of change that will be adopted. This mode is cantered in ensuring that instead of just having programs, ministries are developed. Ministries are more effective as they cut across many aspects that affect the church and hence contribute to the growth and smooth running of the congregation.

As a leader it will be wise to exercise several qualities in the running of the church. This may include aspects of Clarity which is the ability of the process to be communicated and understand by the people. For any process or activity to be successful it should be easily to understood by the church members. Hence clarity is a very crucial tool in management. Another important measure is movement which refers to the steps in the process causes people to move to greater. The steps should be easy to follow to allow for maximum movement. Alignment is also a tool of importance which involves the arrangement of ministries and staff around a process. A process should be clear in terms of delegation of responsibility. Lastly focus which refers to the commitment to abandon everything that does not fit in the process is vital tool which I will apply as it will save on resources.

Beneficial knowledge that I have attained this semester is centered on three major aspects of religion. These are:

The paradigm shift

This is the present conduct of the church. There has been a shift from modernism to post-modernism.  This means People want to be loved. The value of relationships has shot up and people are more satisfied and feel good when love is reciprocated to them. Many persons want to be loved and have someone to connect and bond with.  The shift from the norms is becoming a common thing as people have now begun to be more realistic and open minded.

Though not every church goer or believer is able to accept and live with the realization that times are changing, some people have done so and are slowly transforming their lives to suit the status quo. Post modernism in a way blends in the aspects of the human life that religion has not addressed or they are addressed they are not extensive enough. There are various factors that fall into this category Love among members

Deciding to build spiritually and physically

Spiritual growth is of more importance than any other form of development since it is the guardian branch in our daily lives.  Building oneself spiritually requires that one takes up biblical matters serious. It also means that one should develop interest and commitment towards building him/herself. Spiritual growth also requires that one associates himself with persons that can contribute positively towards his growth. This means doing away with any company that might out ones development under jeopardy.

However , since we have embrace post modernism we should not discriminate against other since it shows that we have no love which the and most important virtues of all times. Love will also make our lives better so in that line acceptance of other people should be a priority since they too are human beings who are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions.

build spiritually and physically also requires that one stays focused and reject the wave of trends that may bombard a society or community. Fads as they are normally called are new fashions and trends of doing things. These normally put a stress t o the youth due to peer pressure. The peers may lead one to take up a habit trend or a fashion due to the fact that it makes him/her fit in the societal clusters. This is detrimental in that a person may be force to adopt something that may have negative aspects or results or alternatively due to the rapid change that such things normally portray.

Lack of settlement in decision making may arise which will mean that a person may not be in a position to stand up for his principles and what he/she believes in. Lack of principles will translate to easily being tempted to do something which will cause emotional, financial and also physical harm. Physical growth is also an integral part of the development. Taking care of one’s body and physical well being shows that we respect our selves and are thankful that we were given such a wonderful opportunity to experience the best gift of life in this earth. Taking care of our physical well being is also important as will enable survive or live longer in this world to serve the almighty and also humanity at large. Some of the important things that can help us in growing spiritually and physically should also be taken into consideration. Such issues revolve around day to day spiritual issues. These are:

Presence of the Holy Spirit

Realising and accepting that the Holy Spirit is of utmost importance is a big step in building our spiritual and physical lives. The Holy Spirit will be a guardian angel in our lives and this will be beneficial to us tremendously.  Comprehending the worth of the Holy Spirit is very important as it also shows that we are committed to serving God fully and respect his Holiness. Another significant aspect is:

Truth of the core gospel message

The gospels of the bible consist of rich knowledge which can be valuable to us. Finding out about this truth will keep us focused. Therefore our lives will be better when we search and enrich ourselves with this truths and knowledge. This means reading the bible on a regular basis so as to get this knowledge and nourish and our faith. The truths in the gospel will automatically make us put some necessary changes in our lives. This is a very important aspect as it will shift our understanding and transform our lives positively. Due to the declining number of believers it is crucial that new strategies are put up. I t is alarming to see most new believers leave their church within the first weeks of joining.

Several foundational questions should be asked to narrow down the shortcomings. It’s important to state clearly the purpose of the church as brought out by the Acts 2:42-47 discipleship. Their might discrepancies in satisfying the community needs.  Therefore this should be addressed to see if their will be a signifant change in the attendance and fellowship. Also it will be reflected in the worship. Alternatively we might scrutinize the ministry and evangelism to see if there is a deficit that is causing the decline in worshippers. Some of the crucial questions we need to address regard the following issues that might be used as parameters to gauge the status of the ministries. The church should be clear on what it is trying to accomplish, who it is trying to reach. Consecutively there should be some parameter that may be used to gauge if the church is growing. This may be ascertained by looking at the various modes of church growth which include biological-transfer-conversions.  Answering the above queries will shed light on the areas that need change and go further to suggest the best way to carry out the change.

Positive Habits

This is the other area that a lot came out to be an important aspect according to the lectures this semester. Developing of the right habits is an important thing as it will make us take up traits which are centered towards developing of church and its followers. Some of the thing or habits to take up include.

Positive Organization-this requires us to properly come up with the plans, schedules and smoothly carry out our desired chores in the church. A major thing is having set strategies which are clear. This will mean that everything we do will be on time and correct. This will in turn contribute to the effectiveness of the activities that we might undertake as leaders in the church .Effectiveness here implies that the interventions and the activities that are run in the church are able to elicit the desired response e.g. if it an activity concerning empowering the youth or the community is taken up positively and its able to achieve the objectives.

Another habit that should be taken up is emphasis on relationships. Developing worthy relationships between the church members and also between the church and the community is an integral part of the church survival. This is because with good relationships comes unity which is one of the positive attributes that a church should have. Therefore as a leader it is wise to emphasize on such minor but important aspects of life. Another very important thing is love. Love binds people together. It is defined or described ads being the heart of the church. With love people will be in a position to impact positively in ministries and their brothers and sisters in the congregation. Strategic evangelism is also another aspect that should be taken into consideration. It is wise to come up with strategies to carry out evangelical work. This is because it will have clear guidelines on how to carry out evangelical work.

Serving the community as a whole will also lead to acceptance and contribution to the ministry which will consequently lead to the growth of the church. Holistic stewardship is also one area that church leadership should develop interest. This will mean that no member of the congregation or the community is left out in church’s activities. Focus on the family is also encouraged. This is coupled with equipping them with the capacity to minister to themselves. Every activity should also be centered toward a specific purpose or objective. This will lead to specifity which will increase efficiency and effectiveness of the ministries.

Ensure the purpose of the church and the gospel message are what drives the congregation.

Church all over the world is characterized by differences in the levels of commitment by both the leader and members. The success and sustainability of any congregational assembly depends entirely on the dedication of the church leader and the members to the right purpose of the ministry and the fixed focus on the spread of gospel message. I will spend a lot of my days’ time studying the bible and in prayers, get my congregation organized into praying and bible study groups and working closely with each group with full dedication. All the church proceedings I shall ensure are conducted on biblical guidelines and best holistic interpretations.

Involve the congregation more in decision-making.

Any decision made concerning church matters can either be rightly accepted by the congregation or just accepted by members with the fear of being seen as controversial.  Forming departments to deal with different church affairs will constitute one of the best approaches I shall use to ensure that every member has a say in critical issues of the church programmes. In an effort to ensure equal participation of members in their respective sectors I will closely involve myself in each department monitoring aspects of gender representation, age group considerations and racial or ethnic neutrality in the running such groups and subgroups.

Needs of the congregation should be addressed and this should be periodically evaluated to see if the ministries meet the needs. If not, more effective methods should be devises to tackle the same. Also with the church having several positions that need professional it is wise to choose them based on giftedness and personality. This will eliminate bias and ensure that only qualified persons handle the sensitive matters in the church.

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