The US Federal Government Essay Example

For one to assume public office in United States the candidate has to go through various stages inorder to have a presidential or congress seat. The candidate that wants to run for the presidential seat in America has to be chosen from the party through long meetings attended by delegates that will choose the favorite candidate (Neale, 2003). Others are selected by their dominance in the party while some candidates are selected by a public voting for the competitors from the same party.

The selected candidate will represent the party in the general election, as the candidate will chose his running mate with whom they will conduct campaigns, the voters will conduct the voting for their favorite candidates and the candidate with many votes will assume office if that fails the electoral college will elect the president as the house of representatives will vote from the top two presidential and vice president in the general election (Neale, 2003).

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A bill is always passed to become a law by the congress through the following process, including the writing of the bill by either a judge or member of the lower house or senate, the bill is introduced to the house of representatives for debate and if passed by 2/3 of votes, its introduced to the senate where they will also debate on it and vote on it a minimum of 2/3 votes, (Oleszek, 2004) lets the bill be returned to the house of representatives for debate and makes necessary amendments, and it is later passed on to the whiter house for approval this is when the president sighs the bill making it a law.

The process is affected by the political parties and interest groups, as they will decide if the bill will become law due to their interest if the bill law (Oleszek, 2004).

How Our Political System Adapts To the Needs of This Diverse Population

The America population comprises of people from diverse race and backgrounds, the government has improvised ways which will enable it meet the needs of the citizens, this is through setting up policies that see the each citizen equal to the other it has also provided a good atmosphere for innovation of the citizen, (Deloitte,2010). These are some ways the government has fulfilled the needs of its citizens. Some challenges include the inability to find market for their products and deep rooted hatred amongst the citizen according to race.

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