There are several drugs that are used today and are available in different forms. Drugs usually changes the way the body functions and can result to pleasant results incases of diseases (James, 1995). The paper will mainly focus on the different forms of drugs that are used today. It should however be noted that any drug can be bused whether illegal or non illegal. It is there fore important to consider using the drug as per the instruction. Here are the major forms of dugs used today.


This is the most popular drug used. It contains dried powder, filters and binders which provide sizable tablets. In most cases you will find a tablet that has been covered with some coating. This helps the tablet to easily dissolve in the stomach avoiding any irritations (Sumie and valentine, 2000).


Some drugs are also available in capsules. The capsules are easy to shallow and come in two varieties. The soft gelatin shell is usually in a liquid form and a hard shell which holds the pieces together.


The cream main ingredient is water resulting to a semi solid substance. Most of the tropical drugs are in this form and it can be applied directly on the skin. Some of the creams may be used without any prescribed measures from the doctors.


These are the drugs that are inhaled in form of solvent or gas.  This can be the normal household product which contain addictive substance and when inhale done feels high. One common household product that is inhaled is the glue spray paints and the dry cleaners fluids (Sumie and valentine, 2000).

  • Powder
  • A fine grounded form of a drug
  • Liquid
  • It can either be in the form of suspension or solution.
  • Liquid sprays
  • These are drugs that are combined with alcohol and can be sprayed by a pump
  • Suspensions
  • It contains un-dissolve particles of drugs in a liquid


Mostly drugs are in the above mentioned forms. This drugs may be either addictive or non addictive drugs. In fact most of the drugs are in tabled and liquid forms especially those prescribed by the doctors.

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