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Discipline is one of the key elements that must be practiced in schools for education to go on smoothly.  It is apparent that students are normally associated with indiscipline cases and subsequently this tends affect their education; therefore it is prerequisite for rules and regulations enforcement in order to manage students, teachers and any other employee’s behavior within the school’s environs. Generally it is worth noting that reinforcement and punishment are some of the ways applied.

Aims and objectives

The project objective is to outline the methods used by teachers to increase desirable behaviors, the students and teachers response to the methods used and the reasons why such methods were used.

Under the research the method used to collect the data was mostly observation of the behaviors of the students and the actions taken by the teacher.

Background information

South Park High School is a school situated on the southern part of United States of America. It is well respected for its performance it education and extra-curriculum activities like drama and sports. The teacher under the research is the class teacher of the level two class.

Upon a week observation on South Park High School on class level two for a whole semester; I noticed that they were taken as the naughtiest class in the school due to the many incidences that occurred with the students of that class during the other semesters and the beginning of this semester. The first notable observation was that half of the students were getting in the class after the lesson had already begun. During the lesson, most of the students, mostly those behind were talking, listening to music, using their phones or scribbling funny things on their books.

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To add onto the observations made, when students were answering the questions, they could mimic their teacher to make others laugh. Moreover, the class was always untidy with a lot of funny drawings on the board. The first days, the teacher cared less of the inappropriate behaviors with the children but later he got concerned after it became worse.  To start with, he started to intimidate the students associated with indiscipline cases. On the third week of my observation, one of the students was arrested by policemen for posting threats online to some of the prominent people in the country.

A lot of fights mostly among the male gender occurred mostly due to the female students within the school. Some of the students from the rich families ended up bulling others. Most of these rich students had specific places in the class, dining hall and field where they had reserved as their location and nobody else could risk using those areas. It was with a lot of concern that I noticed that some female students were in love with the teacher.

During the class session, the methods used by the teacher to improve the behaviors of the students were as follows. First, every morning he used to come for a twenty minutes session where he could advise the class, encourage them, and conducted prayers to make the students to become more serious in class. Secondly, he could use interesting discussions with the students which could make all the students to be attentive in class.

The third way he used to increase desirable behaviors in class, was that he could ignore the disruptive and attention seeking students and focus on the serious students. When these disruptive students end up failing in the exams, he could tell them of how they will fail to get a vacant in university which made them end up becoming a bit serious. Also the best students in all fields and discipline were greatly awarded on weekly basis to motivate them to continue doing good and encouraging others to work extra hard.

Another method used to improve the desirable behaviors, was that every week, there were sessions of talks with some of the people that have succeeded in life as a way to motivate the students that they can also achieve much in life if they are serious and if committed. Lastly, the teacher showed enthusiasm toward students and the course material leading to a positive experience toward course materials and learning for him and the students.

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In times that there were indiscipline cases in the class, the teacher used various ways to decrease undesirable behaviors of the students. One of the methods he used is that he could intimidate the students found talking, using phones, laughing or scribbling funny thing on their books. This could make the students to feel embarrassed hence avoiding those indiscipline cases again to avoid more embarrassment.

Also, the teacher could punish the students by giving them a detention. This is where the students with undesirable behavior cases would be asked to remain in school after classes or to come on weekends to do extra essay writing, to clean the school compound or to be involved in social matter’s debate. To avoid their evenings and weekends being spoiled, the students could end up avoiding those undesirable behaviors (Olson, 2010).

If the undesirable behavior was a serious one, the student could be asked to come with their parents and the case could be forwarded to the school principal. It is worth noting that the principal was feared by many due to his harshness, and the great fear that most of the students had for their parents, this method really worked well in discouraging the undesirable behaviors. Some other times, the students could end up being send home for a given time mostly a two weeks suspension.

In other serious times, the teacher could forward the case to the school disciplinarian who used corporal punishment or paddling as a form to discourage the undesirable behavior. If the cases are going against the laws of the countries, which were a very rare case, the police were involved in arresting the student hence making the other students to fear doing such wrongs. All this methods used to decrease undesirable behaviors did depend with the teacher opinion, mood and the seriousness of the case.

The reason why all this methods were used by the teacher was that the rules stated so and if any teacher was found entertaining indiscipline in school, he would either be transferred or fired. Also the teacher used the methods to improve discipline in class hence ensuring the students performed better and were able to offer others a good environment for studying. The methods used were in a great way effective as many students even those that were very indiscipline ended up becoming more discipline.

With time, the average grades of the class started improving and the class became an example to other classes in matters of discipline and education. With discipline having improved, the tidiness of the class also improved and almost all the students were inside the classroom before the teacher and they were ready to learn. Lastly, the relationship of the student and the teacher improved greatly and now more students were asking the teacher questions and were more active in class discussions.

During the first weeks of the implementation of the rules by the teacher, most of the students objected the move. Some students were involved in a strike that made them be sent home for a week. At one time the whole class refused to attend the classes a move that saw a meeting being held between the teacher, students and the parents to try and convince them on the need of such actions.

Only a few of the students mostly those that were serious in class or those who were being bullied were in agreement with the reinforcement. With time, the response kept changing as more students became victims of the harsh punishments. Within two months, students having seen the positive effects of the rules, most of them ended up accepting fully the reinforcement. For the few who did not accept, they had to follow the rules as they had little or no alternatives.

The reason why the teacher saw the need of applying the reinforcement to class was because that the class had become the most indiscipline class which ended up embarrassing him. Moreover, with the continued deterioration of the class marks, there was a need to take action before the whole class ended up attaining only D and F grades. Most of the time the class teacher opted not to apply corporal punishment as a method to discourage undesirable behaviors claiming that, that was harsh and ended up making students to him.

To add onto this, the teacher was very happy with the reinforcement as before those students had got used to him and they disrespected him making it hard to teach effectively. But with the new rules, the teacher was able to teach well as all students respected him and listened to him keenly. In conclusion, the move was a good one in class as when the students were receiving credit for being disciplined and most improved class, the teachers was also recognized heavily for his efforts.

From my research, it is evident that discipline and the education go hand in hand. And the best mode of discipline in class is where the students are involved in making the rules and implementing them. Moreover, the rules made should not make the students fear the teachers; they should make them respect them. This away, the students will find it easy to learn. The laws enforced should be clearly outlined to all students and they should be followed with no discrimination to ensure that they are effectively followed and hence ensure the students end up growing to be disciplined people in future.