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Reducing the cost of expensive roads Essay

Transport Infrastructure Economics Free Essay Example

Trailer drivers do much of the driving than any other private riders or PSV (public service vehicle drivers). This is due to their long distance destinations that they have to go in order to deliver the goods they have. Funny enough, these drivers move across different country borders with lower speeds than the speeds that private car riders or PSV drivers drive at. The highest speed truck drivers can do is about 38 miles per hour. Similar to the truck drivers are the tractor drivers though they do not do longer distances like the trailer drivers.

These two types of divers (trailer and tractor), face various challenges during the time they are making their journeys. Almost 90% of them are employed by various companies. This makes their operations controlled by some managers who may not really know much about doing long distances in trailers or the tractor drivers who do short distances but with extremely low speeds. Normally these two kinds of drivers are not given any spares to carry with them during their journeys. To be more specific, assuming that the tractors and the trailers are properly serviced, they require the most obvious and necessary spares-the tires. But what happens is that they are set for a journey and then left without any spare tires until the moment they get to the destination they are supposed to.

Truck drivers should drive along with their own tractor tires and trailers

Most companies that own tractors and trailers have had this department of transport not properly managed. Some of course have seen the importance and started to allow their drivers travel along with them the spare parts. These must be doing right! They are doing so for various reasons that must be obvious. First, if it happens that the drivers are traveling without spares-tires, they spend much time stranded-this is misery not service: the roads that track drivers do are not so good. Therefore the likelihood of tire puncture are likely to be high. Again, during these breakages, one is not normally sure where they occur. They may even lead to accidents that can be prevented by just moving around with spare tires. At times, some company managers imagine that because their tracks and trailers are insured, even after the accidents-they would be able to be compensated. But the truth is they will lose their drivers in these accidents who will not be compensated in the event of death.

Driving like any other profession, needs professional ethics, ethos and codes to govern it. But many a time what happens is not the case because is like these drivers are under some unfavorable working conditions. A situation of this kind is when there is a puncture in a bushy deserted highway, or adverse environmental areas. These drivers have to keep here till spares are sent from the nearest stations. This causes them not to enjoy their profession.

However, there could be some reasons why these drivers are not able to be given spares. Some have previously veined excuses at their benefits like selling off the spares or veining attacks. The management may also do it in a way that it targets some compensation from the insurance cover. In such situations, the trailers and the tractors get worn out faster than they should and the companies get compensated on grounds that are not genuine.

All in all, it is of more good to drive with spares than waiting to make arrangements to get one in case of a puncture. It is important for it will save a lot of time. It is more important to get to wherever destination on time because the punctures keeping one spend at the place of the puncture means that the drivers are are given more expenditure moneys for accommodation, food and calls. But you may not know where or when a puncture may occur. It may occur  out of network coverage area. In summary, it is important to take driver insurance cover than machinery. This is due to the evidence that can be gathered from the above essay.