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Poverty in America Essay Example

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The article, “The Changing Face of Poverty in America” discusses changing patterns and trends of poverty and new social classes affected by dissocial problem. I agree with the author that “The face of poverty in America is the result of policy choices, of political will, and of moral conviction–or its absence.” (5). The specific needs of the poor that are identified by the government report and that continue to be of primary concern are dependency, labor force participation, income security, and health, education, and social service. According to Sachs, the main causes of poverty are different economic development of the nations, legal and social problems and inability of small governments to fight diseases and improve medical services. The poverty that affects the urban poor is particularly felt by women, whose health and psyches are closely tied to their roles as wives and mothers. Violence, calamity, and fear have become part of the life of many urbanites in recent decades. Wars between nations, civil wars, revolutions, riots, and protests have all complicated life in the cities and compounded already pressing urban problems.

Still, the author diminishes the importance f the poverty in America and the role of government in poverty reduction. The author states: “America knows how to address poverty” (). I suppose that the state does not know how to eliminate his problem and reduce substantially a number of poor around the country. I would compare poverty with a diseases affected low class populations. The struggle for power and control of governments is one of the most prominent issues–and conflicts, facing the country today. Rather, specific grievances or sharp declines in the status quo (food prices or availability of employment opportunities in particular) are more significant In order to eliminate poverty countries should invest in medicine and healthcare, educate people about diseases and support local economies. The author suggests what factors will lead either to amelioration of problems, simmering (no improvement but no violence), or the outbreak of violence. Examining a number of factors of urbanization, they emphasize that it is not simply urban growth and huge population increases that cause political unrest.