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Policing America

The obligations of police officers and hence the police force happen to evolve after certain circumstances change the perspective of things. Events like hurricane Katrina and the terrorist bombings in 9/11 are such like events that need a revision of duties. The police organizations that have been recently built although go through the same difficulty as the rest of the unions in the country. Most have to deal with seemingly unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape to get something so negligible done. The blame in most of these cases lies with one person, the executive.

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 A sheriff or a chief of an agency with more than ten personnel would face many of the same blame factors as his counterpart in the big city. The difference is scale such that the leading executives face larger volume of the blame that the smaller counter parts face in the same scenario. Their roles differ according to these scales. A sheriff office may handle quite a number of duties from routine collection of taxes and performance of order maintenance, as well as serving as the bailiff for certain court proceedings. the senior police executive, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. They think, confer, advise and decide about men and resources in the field in this case they perform figurehead, ceremonial duties such as function appearances and parades.

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It would seem like the executives look like the normal police man transformed into a cross between a politician, an army general and a diplomat. In the case of leadership by representation, they can do a brilliant job as a think tank. However, they do quite little when it comes to actual work because of all the bureaucracy that they endorse. Productivity would be not being as good as it would because of introduction of politics into a civil service like the police.