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People in the Military Essay Example

Free Military Essay Example

The advent of 9/11 incident critically shaped the future of many Americans who until now have thought that they were living in a safe heaven and their armed forces were too strong to cope up with any aggressions that are directed towards them. However, this incident completely changed the picture and required that some serious steps should be taken in order to guarantee of the security of the American people. With looking at people dying in front of them, the country wrote its new history with many people eager to become the part of the military so that they can get themselves actively involved in the expeditions that could guarantee the security of their family.

In recent years, after 9/11, the recruiting has increased with many soldiers being posted in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, it requires a deeper insight of people who are nowadays getting recruited into the military. There may have been different reasons for the people to join army, but the event of 9/11 has increased the level of patriotism (Skeers, 87). It is true that the generations never get together when they are pushed into limits and this time the younger generations felt that they are the ones who need to fight against a single enemy (Haggerty, 65). Because of this reason, the many people have been recruited afterwards. In the current advents, American military forces also lowered the standards of their aptitude tests because they critically required soldiers to fight for them. By lowering standards it attracted much more people who always wanted to be the part of army.

The historical analysis describe that the life of soldiers has always been idealized in every nation. These models not only allow the remembering of those who have fought for a cause to save their country. The inspirational levels dictate the formation of a kind of patriotism which becomes evident in America after the 9/11 incident.

Apart from patriotism, there are many other reasons as well for joining the military. Some people have a strong military background and it trend is there from generations where at least one son of the family prefers army life. This trend is very common in America as it has a long history of wars and there are many war veterans who want their children to become an effective part of the army. The experiences that the families and people had during the wars clearly emphasize the importance of being a soldier. A movie, “Saving Private Ryan” was focused on the life of a soldier who had all his brothers killed in the Second World War and a group of soldiers were trying to save the last brother. However, the thing which was missed in the historical part was the fact that the father and forefather of these brothers were all involved in various wars and battles and they always urged their children to become like them (Orvis, 142). This distinctively dictates how the people inherit the level of patriotism and customs from their families.

In the recent years, financial situation has been horrified in many countries including America which has been twice in slump in current decade because of various reasons. The unemployment ratios have increased and with no assurance what will be coming next, things have started to come cumbersome for the people. The order to get the financial stability and security, it is important that a secure continuous source of income should come. The military can only provide this assurance in the current scenario because of the high budgets that are involved in the military expeditions. The life of a soldier is worth more for any country and especially their families so government of America gives full protocol and security to those who are in military or have left military (Nelson, 54). People need to feed their families and want to guarantee their future in such a way that their families should not be left to hands of poverty and other social issues. Therefore recently the major cause of joining the military has been the financial stability, though this doesn’t hamper the fact these people are patriotic and will not held back to give their life, but certainly financial stability and security is a bonus which will make them prosperous. The recent rise of $47bn has been proposed that will be paid for the military personals including other benefits as well (Nelson, 98). In fact the benefits, allowances and on active pays are much more than anyone else is getting. If we go deep inside the pays, it is understanding that basic pay of the soldier is much less, but now include the drill pay and special pay which are nearly given to all the soldiers and that definitely means something out of the blue in such crisis situation.

The military is now just more than a defense department. With capitalism making its way into the economy, it has become a reliable source of income. People now when decide the future of themselves and their families, they opt out for something more reasonable and secure and military is the one place which will not get any focus from the recession or depression. The situation is still true for those who are patriot and want to fight for their country, but only patriotism will definitely not feed their families.