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Parents Role In Child Development

Parental employment effects on child development

Parents have been overtaken by systematic economic progressive events that have in turn liberated the 18th, 19th and 20th century woman out of the kitchen. Consequently, a woman who was supposed to stay indoors and take care of domestic chores is today struggling in the wider economic substance of the family in order to keep the today expensive family life intact and affordable. Children have in turn become the victims of the today economic develops that have robbed infants of parental care, presence and love. In general children have been left to the guardians and childcare agencies that direct impact a specific risk taking culture that is rather dull in the children raised by both parents. On the contrary, children raise by parents seem to perform better in socio-economic life since they are well nurtured and motivated for success unlike their counterparts raised by baby care institutions (Henderson, 2010).

The best performing individuals in the society come from the excellently nurtured and family motivated individuals. Therefore parental employment that thus separates the children from the tender care of parental love that is fundamental in the development of society. A study suggests that the best performing and academic oriented day care facilities have an ability to transform the future society. Parents play a critical behavioral and academic achievement role in their children especially in homework, direction out of a life experience dilemma and as a result the eventual society is usually quite informed, frank, and brilliant with solutions unlike in day care facilities whereby children are exposed to similar `and linear solutions (Henderson, 2010). On the other hand, though some critic claim that children raised in day care centers have the nerve face life challenges, the collective existence of lack of parental care soon fades the bravery and thus if the wrong form of education, culture and care is provided the society is lost into oblivion about parent role in eliminating behavioral challenges and crime that can be traced back to early social interactions.

In conclusion, parental employment robs the children of their right to family love, warmth and direction that is above all most trustworthy form of life direction. In the absence of parental guidance during life development children are lost into education as the only source of freedom whereas naturally all being are born intelligent.