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Observation of the Human-Animal Relationships Essay

Human-Animal Relationships : Free Essay Paper

With proper observation of people, one is able to come up with various conclusions regarding their behavior. Although people portray different behaviors in different environmental surroundings, their behaviors are closely related. After a critical observation of the people around me, I have noted that people pay attention in relation to the place they are, to the people around them and to the conversations that they are having.

There is a great influence to the human behavior in regard to the appearance of the surrounding. I have noted that once a person disposes an empty can of soda on a corner of a building or a field, the other people do the same.  Finally, the corner becomes a dumpsite. However, I have noted that if some flowers were planted and maintained at the same corner, no one dared throw litter may it be during the day or night. Therefore, I have concluded that people pay great attention to the place they are. As a result if the people meet the place littered, they will go ahead and add more litter. However, if the place is clean and maintained, people will carry their litter with them to another place that is already littered by somebody else.

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People also portray different behaviors while have a conversation with each other. Many people are always in a hurry when conversing with the others. Their main intention of the people is to converse with many people at a time.  As a result, you will find people looking at their wrist watches while others look at the wall clocks to ensure that they time their conversation. This kind of conversation leads the people to leave some of the conversations incomplete and may decide to continue with the same story the next time they meet.

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People also portray different behaviors when they are drinking. I have noticed that many people very conscious of time and they are more likely to have a chat when they are drinking or eating. This ensures that they carry out two tasks at the moment; eating and conversing. I have also noted that people are more likely to be attentive in their conversations when they are having a drink or sharing a meal.

During this time, I have also realized that people are not in a hurry to end the conversation and they are less likely to look at their wrist watches as they converse as compared to their counterparts who converse in absence of a meal or drink. This may be influenced by the fact that hungry people pay attention to a conversation and spend long times looking at their wrist watches longing for the conversation to end.

People have also expressed the habit of being tuned in to their own conversations or the background noise in their head that the nature around them. I too have also experienced this behavior whereby I concentrate much on the issues going on in my life through deep thinking as I walk around rather than concentrating on the external environment around me. This behavior has been contributed by the many social and economical issues that many people are experiencing in their every day life.

Some of these challenges like financial crisis do not allow people to concentrate much on the environment around them but rather they think of ways that they can use to make their lives better. This therefore means that we as human beings are chained in the thoughts of making their life better rather than by finding peace from the natural environment to relieve their stress.