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New Technologies

This essay makes me think about the olden days when news broadcasters were very few, and accessing information was very difficult. I remember the days when media were being controlled by the government, and anything to be broadcasted had to be edited in a manner that it does not criticize those in power in any way. At these times, we never knew any bad side of those in power, only the best things. But thanks to the new technology, which has made people to access all information may it be bad or good.

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The best thing that makes me like this essay is how the writer has brought out his introduction. This form makes the writer really know how the writer is at purr with current information. Introduces the reader on how the writer is connected to different media technologies, and before everything, the writer is updated with news from different sources. In real sense, from here, the any reader can get to know that, the writer is going to write the essay depending on his own experience, other than depending on other writers and reviewers.

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What really bothered me is how the he describes cable news as having much time till they fill hours with entertainment. This might be too harsh for Medias, as they are forced to do so as their viewers need to be entertained too; it is not that they lack news. How can they lack news yet they have never covered what is happening in the whole world, how they can lack news when they only cover things they think are major, yet to me, they there are some which are not getting air time. Saying that they are unaware of such news, to mean may mean they are exploring all information sources.

However, his conclusion to me is not good at all; the writer needs to improve on it. This is because; the writer thinks that we can assume people can leave the negative of advancing technology to embrace the new technology. The best thing would have been discussing few negatives to see if we can really assume them, or even look at ways of eliminating or minimizing them.