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Naturalistic Observations Essay Example

Observation free essay example

Naturalistic observations are the gathering of information in the field of interest without alteration or modification of the environment. The objective of naturalistic observation in psychology is to evaluate the character of an organism (human being included) in a natural setting. In this case, I would like to take into consideration the kids in a daycare center. Through observation of children in a daycare center, one learn different characterizes and behaviors of child development. For instance, during the first hours of their arrival at the center, the kids seem to be darned gently, talk less, and are in their own world. At this time, they need no disturbance because their parents or guardians have left them, so they are still figuring out what would come next. Then as hours passes by, the kids behavior change depending on what is talking place. If for instance, the caretaker at the center introduces some activities for the kids some will respond by liking it, while others will reject and start crying. This shows that whatever was introduced does not fit well into their perception.

The kids’ behavior also changes in relation to whether they are indoors, or outdoors. Indoor activities make kids to be less participatory, whereas outdoor activities make most of them engage and participate fully in almost every part. Some are possessive taking control of every situation, and since they are effortless trying give them directive is like insulting them and would cry at the slightest provocation. For example, when playing with a ball and their colleagues approach them for the same, they tend to hide it and move to a different location hoping to be only one using it. Mealtime also, the kids have different behaviors, where others enjoy eating some would refuse totally. They prefer taking their backed meals rather than being given by the care center. This shows or identifies their different backgrounds and parents or guardian’s directive. They obey their parents and what as been defined as sinful they take it literary on everything.