Free Psychopathology Essay Example

The two issues that should be considered in the discharge planning

The two issues include; patient’s behaviors and the anxiety level.

Changed behavior is mainly dependent on the state of mind of mind of the patient. In this case, behavior helps in determining whether one has changed.. Before the discharge, there should be consideration whether the patient will need an external control or not. Will the client be secluded or restrained?, Will he required frequent monitoring or guidelines in taking simples tasks. In this case, the level of agitation of the patient will have a decreased change. This may lead to ability to control oneself (Jorgensen, 1989). The patient is hence able to gain personal control with out the need for control. Basically, it is important to communicate to the patient about the environment outside and hence assess whether he or she has changed.

Anxiety level is important in determining whether the patient is able to control him or her self participating in group activities. It is also dependent on the state of mind. Basically, schizophrenia affects the brains and leads to disorder. Thus, if the patient is not able to control his thoughts, he or she is likely to behave in abnormal manner (American Psychiatric Association, 2009). Thus, before the discharge plan is accomplished, is important to consider the anxiety level and the ability of the patient to respond to happenings as usual. Both behaviors and the degree of anxiety are determined by the state of mind.

A thoughtful intervention for each of the issues

The ability of somebody to think normally makes one to behave normally (Jorgensen, 1989). Thus, when the brain is affected as it is the case of schizophrenia, the response given by such a person to normal happenings is different. Anxiety goes hand in hand with agitation. These are important factors that determine the degree of control for a particular patient. Upon the discharge, the patient should be in control of these two factors. The ability of an individual to behave normally enables one to socialize and participate effectively in the normal activities in the community. The patient has indeed to under through psychosocial programs and initiatives when suffering from schizophrenia. Thus, the state of mind should be sober before the discharge.

Briefly identify who would be included in the plan, what is to be done, and identify at least one barrier to success.

In the discharge plan, the patient should be included. This is important as it makes it possible to communicate to the patient about the events taking place (American Psychiatric Association, 2009). The patient is also able to prepare ahead before he or she returns to the community and join them in community work. However, there is one barrier to this. By involving the patient in the discharge, he may show the willing and the ability to participate effectively to the normal community affairs. nevertheless, this might not be the case. The patient may change upon the discharge and bring about the need for further medication. However, it is important to include a family member or any other person who may take care of such a person.

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