Medicaid is a program that is supposed to support the less able individuals and ensure medical accessibility or affordability. Addressing the current state of Medicaid relies greatly on the acknowledgment of varying age, gender, culture, and demographic disparities that attribute to the ability of facilities and practitioner’s quality of care.

One of the major controversies in Medicaid program is the skyrocketing cost of healthcare and the astounding numbers of uninsured individuals, which have continued to fuel the debate over the right to have access to affordable and high quality healthcare. Ethically more lives are lost due to high healthcare costs. A fundamental question-surrounding Medicaid still exists; can the cost of Medicaid be controlled without compromising access or quality of care?

As a leader in Medicaid field, one important perspective would be to ensure Medical processes are well understood by the medical personnel and public in general. I would provide alternative healthcare programs that are affordable to the public. I would ensure that that States has flexible plans and arrangements that allow for beneficiary improvements in the protection of health and the disenrollment and enrollment provisions. Medicaid programs would be put in places, with the billing and waivers process being limited and regulated. This is possible through allocation of ample space for shifting by patients from Manage Care Organization (MCO) to Medicaid. I would streamline Medical processes to ensure free flow of technological medical expertise down and up the medical line.

In conclusion, I would put in place, incentives controls systems to assist more on the cost control among the MCO’s and assist in developing services based on communities; this assist to avoid the costly in-patients services and minimizes costs which provides alternative healthcare.

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