Health Insurance

There are many forms of insurances services and health insurance is one of them. Health insurance is defined as the payment for medical service; this includes long term nursing, custodial, child care and covering disability. (p. 02) The insurance service may be provided by different bodies that are the government, non profit making insurance services and also profit making companies.

Health insurance pays for specific amount of money so as to cover medical charges and treatments which offer different options and very in the different forms of approach by the health insurance services.  The health insurance program can be purchased for different groups for example a company may provide the service for its employees or it may be done by an individual in some cases this service may be provided through welfare programs funded by the government. (World Health Organization, 2006).

In health insurance service every group every individual or employees they pay taxes or even premiums so as to protect themselves from unexpected medical or treatment expenses. (p. 46)

The health insurance companies come up with the amount paid by the individual or groups by estimating the overall risk of healthcare expenses on the annual tax or monthly premiums are developed to ensure that money will be available to cater for health care benefits that have been specified in the insurance agreement. (Ochino. 45)

It has been very difficult over the years for people to understand how health insurance service works which has led to many years of trying to market this insurance service. This policy is usually a contract between an individual, a sponsor and an insurance company, in this contract the amount and type of health care cost that will be covered by the health insurance company is clearly discussed and explained in advance.

This contract may be renewed monthly or annually. There are different forms that are used by different insurance companies and by different individuals or companies so as to come to a health insurance service agreement. (p.23)

In some companies the money is deducted from the insurer’s monthly salary and incase of medical treatment the insurer is treated in a health care facility without paying a cent, and in other cases one gives a small amount of the bill while the insurance company pays for the balance according to the agreement.

There are many benefits of health insurance services, it helps the insurer in case of very high medical expenditure when one is ill, the family of the insurer may be covered in some cases and incase of emergency then the company makes it easier for an individual. In cases of private health insurance one gets to even choose the doctor, have a private ward and even shorter time on hospital queue and even on cases of surgeries they have a better priority. (World Health Organization, 2006).

Health insurance has by the years became very expensive and millions of people are not able to afford therefore leading to a very poor rate of health care. Health insurance reform has been said to transform this problem. Health insurance reform is commonly used in the United States to define any program that is used that is used to pay for medical expenses whether it is through social insurance, non-insurance social welfare programs or privately purchased insurance funded by the government.(p. 20) The active debate about highly discussed health care reform in the United States concerns the matter of a right to good health care access, quality, fairness, cost and efficiency .Although it is said that the system does not give the same value for the money spent.(p.15)

This recent program that was started by the Obama administration is aimed at helping people with pre-existing illness like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and other illness that have been shut out buy insurance companies. This program has been put forward especially considering that United States uses a lot of money on health care and still millions of people not being able to access good medical care.(p.23)

This program will really help a lot of people who are not able to pay for the usual health insurance. Since the introduction of the health reform program it has led to the increase in the number of people with health care insurance.

Even better than just health insurance this reform will really help a lot of people in United States like: the little- and moderate-income individuals and families who do not have employer-based insurance and who do not meet the requirements for Medicaid or Medicare, those who are of old age and those with pre-existing illness.

A lot of people have raised concern of expensive health insurance. In a lot of articles different people have argued health reform most in favor because of many benefits to come and the fact that it apart from the fact that health insurance is abit expensive it will have to regulate amount or cost of healthcare insurance services.(p. 465)

This reform will help a lot and will result to the health insurance companies having a standard rate which will also try and accommodate a lot of medical expenses. This will boost the health of a lot of people those who have minor and also pre-existing ailments. This health insurance as associated with health reform is judged differently by different people some may term it as both as not worth it and others term it as a life saver considering that the percentage of people who have joined the health insurance policy since its implementation has risen after this reforms.

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