Breast implants are breast shaped structures that are circular in shape. They look like pouches and are made of silicon in the outer shell while the inner shell is filled with silicon gel and saline water. Breast implantation is therefore, the enlarging or augmenting of the breast through the addition of such materials. It is usually performed for cosmetic reasons. Breast enlargement has become the second most practiced cosmetic surgical procedure by women in the world.

There are several risks associated with this procedure of which most of t women are oblivious of. These include bleeding, anaesthesia, unexpected scarring. It could also lead to decreased sensation in the breast, and this would interfere with the woman’s sexual activity. Breastfeeding may become very difficult due to this procedure. Should cancer cases arise then the implants would give wrong mammogram results. The implant itself may rapture and leak out. The scar may harden causing serious problems. The probability of the problems occurring depends on the age.

The manufacturers of these products should be vetted properly in order to be sure of what level of quality of the service does it offer. Unscrupulous ones that produce substandard products should also be banned from producing such products. The government should go ahead and levy heavy axes on these companies to regulate their number in the society. This is because once they are left then very soon there would be very unproductive women within the society and this means that the population will surely go down .

The FDA on their part required the manufacturers of the products to submit safety studies, which are not very important and was very inadequate. FDA is indeed very toothless in dealing with this menace as it has no mandate to legally prosecute manufacturers who go against the laid down rules. Therefore, it is of great concern that the FDA be given more powers to help our women.

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