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Marijuana Essay Example: Legalization Debate

Legalizing Marijuana Essay Example for free


The legal status of marijuana is under controversy. In most countries of the world, marijuana is considered harmful hence has been illegalized. In the recent past, the courts have attempted to abolish laws and statutes that criminalize marijuana. The proponents of disarming marijuana laws have cited various reasons revolving around social, economic, emotional and health concerns among others (West, 1998, p.1).Marijuana is very important drug that can be used to treat specific ailments which are not commonly curable. This drug substance can be utilized by HIV/AIDS victims for their own health. Despite the fact that the hemp is not authorized by the Food and Drug Act, it is paramount to allow the victims to use it for emergency situation.  There is sufficient proves that the existing pills are not effective. Marijuana has been tested severally and evidently the prognosis of the tested victims has indicated great improvements. Therefore, the government and the rest of the world should accept the reality. Legalizing drugs is the obvious remedy to HIV/AIDS pandemic that has affected the lives of many people in the world. Marijuana will set a precedent for all chronically ill people who have been recommended by the doctors to use the substance.

Critically, it does not accord to fairness and justice to arrest and convict individual for being in possession of drug that is vitally useful for curing chronic ill. In any case, marijuana would not interfere with individual right to life and security. According to many states’ constitution, liberty encompasses the right of the citizens to make decisions that are of utmost importance to them, and that health decisions is a perfect example. Health is crucial to the life and security of every person around the world, and I am satisfied that marijuana is neither addictive nor leads to criminal acts. The substance rarely results in the person using harder drugs such as cocaine, bhang and heroin among others. Arguably, it is high time for the government to understand that people want to change the consciousness towards the drug; hence it should make an effort to legalize it to promote safer and healthier lives of many (McConnell, 2004, p. 296).

On the other hand, some of those opposed to this proposition argue that since the intake of marijuana alongside other substances like cigarettes is prohibited by some religions, it is an issue that is thought as a matter of moral concern. On the same note, some opponents argue that legalizing the substance would make it possible for under age people to use it. The use of this drug by underage people would cause more adverse effects since it’s argued that young people may not be able to tolerate the effects as adults since their body system is not well developed as that of older people. Some opponents have further argued that legalizing this drug would enhance the chances of physical damages associated with those who abuse the drug .this would include brain damage, and depression among others. In addition to this, some opponents of this proposition argue that it would lead to inhalation of smoke by others who are not users. This would lead to increased risk of the harmful effects associated with secondary exposure to smoke. Other opponents are of the opinion that legalizing the use of marijuana would lead to abuse of other more harmful drugs like heroine and cocaine among others

However, marijuana can be utilized as cellulose fibre hence generating greater economic benefits to Canada. According to West (1998, p.15), one acre of marijuana can produce the same amount of cellulose fibre as 5 acres of trees. Normally, a tree can grow in about twenty years or even more whereas marijuana plant grows back after three to four moths. Using marijuana to produce paper is less costly and does not pollute the environment. Through marijuana, the government can make five times more gasohol from its help stalks than normal corn (West, 1998, p.3). Arguably, marijuana is one of the strongest natural fibre in 20th and 21st century. It provides greater percentage of world’s paper, textiles and clothing. Even if Canadian government disregards the ethical, moral and ecological reasons for adopting marijuana as an important product to replace wood pulp, it just makes sense economically. First and foremost, the hemp leads to reduction in the capital expenditures commonly incurred by the government in wood pulp production. Under wood pulp production, government incurs about $8 billion. Using the hemp, the government would save approximately $6 billion. In addition, it would achieve four times the potential volume of cellulose fibre (West, 1998, p.3).

Other than being used as medicine and for producing paper, marijuana can be utilized to support research and development in the country. Legalizing and growing marijuana would reduce rate of pollution and deforestation in the Canada. Consequently, researchers who have migrated to countries such as United States to undertake ecological research would be accommodated in the country. It would also reverse the brain drain effect to other countries of the world. Marijuana utilization in that manner would attract millions of liberal minded and well-educated persons to major industries, education and health sector. In turn, this would result in increased production, demand and profitability of various functioning sectors (McConnell, 2004, p. 296).

Marijuana laws are very harsh and cruel to the offenders. In most cases, individual indicted of marijuana abuse or convicted of possessing it are either taken to jail or given criminal record. Such wars against the hemp are contemptuous process that puts citizens to where they do not belong. Taking marijuana does not endanger the people’s lives more than alcohol or toxins from moving vehicles. On this basis, marijuana should be legalized by changing the current Canadian laws in respect to the substance use (McConnell, 2004, p. 296).

In conclusion, marijuana has vast range of benefits than effects. It would enhance economic prosperity in the country. Being a useful drug, marijuana presents number of health benefits. I suppose that that marijuana be legalized in the country.