Becoming A Police Officer essay topic example

Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Michigan

All police departments require at least a high school diploma or equivalent education from their officers. The candidates are expected to be at least 21 years of age. Holding a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, law enforcement or a related discipline can also be helpful for one to become a police officer. Candidates are required to pass various examinations in order to ensure that they are competent. Such examinations include written, physical tests of strength, sight, hearing, as well as drug and lie detector tests. Some units also assess a recruit’s personal characteristics and general suitability by conducting psychiatric or background interviews.

Preparation required for becoming a Police Officer in Michigan

In preparation and training of police officers in Michigan, large police departments normally send recruits to their own police academies to undergo complete police training. Also smaller sections or departments send new hires to attend these large academies. The programs usually take three to four months and the major areas of classroom instructions are civil rights, state and local laws, crime investigation and constitutional law. The recruits gain enough experience with real-life situations such as patrol, accident and emergency response such as handling fire, use of firearms, self-defense and traffic command such they are passed out for active duty on successfully completing their training.

Certification Required of a Police Officer Trainee

In order for one to become a police officer in Michigan, he/she needs to be issued with a license in Law enforcement. The candidate is required to comply with the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) minimum selection requirements i.e. successful completion of a basic police academy; and having an employment record with a law enforcement agency. The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) is the authority responsible for issuing licenses of becoming police officers to the candidates.

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