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Jefferson Vs. Hamilton: A Continuing Contest

Free Essay Example on Hamilton Vs. Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were two American citizens that had lots of influence in the formation of the a new America that had just had its independent, though the two individuals had a positive vision for America, there thoughts were contrasting to each other as they represented different sections of the American population (Cunningham, 85).

Alexander Hamilton represented the federalists, and he was advocating for the rights of the wealthy urban merchants while Thomas Jefferson represented the anti-federalists, as he was advocating for the rights of the southern and the rural residents, this kind of antagonism between these tow individuals who were both serving in the government of President George Washington draw out mixed reactions amongst the American citizen and the nation that had just gotten its independence (Cunningham, 93).

These mixed reactions were mainly encountered because these two political leaders were divided in two contentious issues that consists the American constitution and the way the country’s economy and resources can be distributed, (Cunningham, 2000) as these two gentlemen argued that these are the two issues were mainly the most important issues that the American citizens needed in order to feel that they are living in an independent country (Cunningham, 142).

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In economical maters the two were divided as each was advocating for his own interest as Hamilton who was representing the wealthy people wanted America to mainly deal on manufacturing and shipping therefore he wanted the country to set up lots of industries producing products that are mainly to be exported and some sold for the local market, (Cunningham, 59). While Jefferson wanted the economy of the country should be based on the farmers produce, the country should mainly use the farmer’s products from as this will enable the farmers who are the majority of the American citizens to be able to benefit from their own country.

In constitutional matters Jefferson wanted the government to have the powers that are given to it by the constitution, while Hamilton wanted the constitution to be changed in order to enable the government to assume the powers that are checked and finally given to it. The president of the newly independent country Mr. George Washington was in for the idea of Hamilton as he thought that his ideas served the interest of the wealthy and few of American citizens.