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Ethics Essay: How Personal Can Ethics Get?

Ethics Paper Essay Example

Making sure that ethical action remains a vibrant aspect of an organization’s climate and culture has been and is still an ongoing challenge for most organizational administrators. Studies have previously been conducted to establish the effect of different forms of ethics training and personal preferences on the adoption of organizational ethics. Findings suggest that, unfortunately, most organizations intensify ethics training when an employee is first hired, when rules, regulations and corporate values are supposedly shared during the orientation period. After this period however, Training continues, but is often limited to online activities.

Face-to-face interaction is deemed necessary for learning and development, but with time this is, in many organizations, reserved for specialized functions and senior level managers. In general, Findings from various studies have revealed that specific trends, which can inform, guide and improve practitioners’ efforts, are necessary to further develop ethical decision-making and action within organizations (Sekera, 2008).

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A Discussion of how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics

Given that human beings come from diverse backgrounds and will therefore have undergone different life experiences, their value systems, ethics and preferences are bound to be varied. These individual differences and preferences will no doubt be evident in the kind of behavior exhibited within the organization. For example an employee who has no scruples about engaging in corruption within an organization could, not only lead to the company losing money, but might also influence other workers to engage in the same activities. In this case the employee’s preference for corrupt activities might spread within the organization to become part of the unofficial ethic of the organization.

Conversely an employee who has strong feelings against corruption will likely be a positive example to be emulated by others. The possibility of individuals influencing organizational ethics makes it extremely vital to ensure that the organizations recruitment processes ensure that only individuals of the right character are recruited.

A discussion of how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics

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Conflicting behavior by employees will eventually be detrimental to organizational objectives as it will, in the minimum, lead to disharmony and even conflict within the organization.

Most organizations therefore, while recognizing the inevitability of individuality, always strive to engender minimum levels of behavioral compliance within organizations that are in line with the overall objectives of the firm. Most modern organizations have clear values that all employees are expected to adhere to. The values are supposed to ensure that the employees, in their behavior, embody the organizations character. The values also ensure that the employee’s behavior is not only harmonious but also predictable in line with the organizations espoused objectives.

If well implemented the organizations policies and procedures can lead to the desired behavioral tendencies by the employees.

A discussion on the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing

Valerie does not have a green card instead she has a special working visa which means that she may not be allowed to work in the United States or be asked to leave the country if she lost her job. Yet this is precisely what might happen if she went on to expose Waters.

Valerie was also about to begin a master’s of science program at the University of Chicago which the company had offered to finance if she performed well. Completing the program would put her career on a great path. By bringing Waters’ corrupt ways to light she risked losing this sponsorship.

By bringing this issue up she also risked losing the friendship of her colleagues as a result of losing her position in the company. The company policy also stated clearly that taking kickbacks was prohibited. She felt that under those circumstances she could not work with Walters.

Recommendation of what Valerie should do

Valerie should have immediately brought Lionel Waters Unethical ways to the attention of the CEO. This would have indicated how morally upright Valerie is and ensure she kept her job. In all likelihood the person to lose their job would have been Waters with a more appropriate replacement coming in to the benefit of not just the organization but also the rest of the employees in this department.

Given that Valerie was clearly distressed at the prospect of continuing to work with an unethical superior, this option seems even more attractive. With the exit of Waters she would have immediately become more effective in her role.

In addition word would have quickly spread to the rest of the industry about how Valerie is morally upright increasing the chances of getting a better job in another organization.

There is no doubt that the CEO would have been eternally grateful to Valerie for bringing to light the corrupt activities of Waters and thereby help the company avoid pilferage of $35,000 per month!