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How a Clinical Instructor Can Motivate Nursing Students

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Clinical mentorship in nursing has emerged to have to have a central impact to nursing students. This research paper, seeks to ascertain how a Clinical instructor can motivate nursing students in the clinical setting and how to assess their motivation and readiness.

In reference to Sharon, Mentorship in nursing is essential since it helps the students to attain the correct nursing ethics. In this regard, the Nursing instructor is responsible for preparing all the required directives and protocol and project it convey them during class sessions. As a role model nursing instructor are charged with the responsibility of giving directions to both undergraduate and graduate nursing students in view of modeling them to become nursing experts. For this reason, the instructor is responsible for choosing the best textbooks as well as laboratory materials for the students to use during their study. In addition, the clinical instructor is also responsible for enlightening his or her students how their field relates to other disciplines such as of biology, physiology and chemistry among others.

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Darcia (1 994) points out that, Nursing instructors should also teach their student to practice being patient since this function is needed in the nursing field. Thus the instructors should think about teaching role as an extension of nursing practice. For this reason, they should understand that being a nurse is more than a worker than a call. In addition, they should value the human experience and take care of their patients in a way that is pleasing to others.

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Moreover, nursing instructors should engage in empowering novice nursing students to work professionally in the real world situations. They should make students put into practice the class acquired knowledge since most of them lack the knowledge of practicing what they have learned. During their clinical teaching the clinical instructor should assist the student to make connections between what they learned and the real clinical setting of the hospitalized pantient. The students should be lead to realize the level of knowledge they have when they are reviewing the patient database or charts. As mentors in the nursing field, nursing instructors should primarily teach every nursing student to have the desire to be an outstanding nurse in the field.  They should train them to have love for humanity and show deep concern for patients they treat.

How do you assess their motivation and readiness?

Students’ motivation can be assessed by use of various methods ranging from use of questionnaires to personal interview to the student. Specifically, to assess the readiness to work, the student can be questioned about their achievements and use the response to evaluate him or her. The clinical instructor should question the student to access whether they have been motivated to work best in their career. This can be achieved by having attendance policy which monitors how students attend and participate in classes.

In conclusion, the instructor should motivate student by rewarding them for the little work the students do during their practicals. He should also encourage them to uphold nursing ethics as professional. Thus to be ready for nursing profession  the student should understand the meaning of nursing, the main rational for taking nursing  and the reason why he or she took . In addition the clinical instructor should make the student understand and assess themselves through answering a series of questions which analyze the relevant information like how the student is caring person to patients as well as which  professional ethics the student upholds.