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The Green Revolution Essay Example

The Green Revolution Free Essay Example

To effectively address the major challenges faced by America, various scholars, leaders and organizations have emphasized the need for America to embrace green economy. The step is widely perceived as the most appropriate measure to addressing the problem of the country’s economic growth. A green economy is also the right step towards providing a solution to global warming.  According to the Premier, the future prosperity of the United States will depend upon the urgency with which the issue of clean energy will be addressed. Such steps will be a major achievement in addressing unemployment as it will create new green jobs. Measures like new energy infrastructure, cleaner sources of power and more efficient use of electricity are therefore inevitable to ensure the countries economic revitalization. The countries must also apart from giving financial support to its manufacturing and wind industries, put necessary policies in place.

The potential of green economy

Phil Angelides defines green jobs as those jobs which pay decent wages and benefits that can support a family. To him, green jobs have to be a real career path with upward mobility. He says the major aim of the job must be to promote environmental conservation. According to a study by Pew Charitable trust carried out in 2009, the rate of growth of clean energy jobs has been twice that of overall job growth over the past decade. Several people are now trained in green jobs all over the country to enable them secure employment in these new opportunities. Such people may be employed to provide energy related services to Americans in their residential and commercial buildings.

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Other people are also employed in the manufacturing companies as is the case with the companies in the Midwest. Having transitioned to clean economy enabled the company to end the problem of job loss. This argument is supported by a report by the wind of change which indicated that there is a potential creating more jobs in manufacturing wing turbine and their components. However, there is need for new policies that will work to create a stable market for domestic wind energy supply chain. Some businesses were also expanded to produce new commodities such as harvesters that are used in the making of fuels. Other companies have also been expanded to produce bolts for wind turbines. The expansion of the initial companies and the establishment of new ones have created numerous jobs.

Even if some jobs may be lost during transitions to a clean economy as noted by some of its opponents, the effect will be offset by the resulting higher number of renewable energy jobs. The people who lose their jobs can easily be supported from the resulting massive income obtained from the green energy related companies and jobs. A study published in the journal of Energy Policy revealed that non-fossil fuel technologies had had a potential of creating more jobs per unit of energy than coal and natural gas.

Indications from the various efforts by the government and states

Several states in the US are already taking the necessary steps to realize positive economic transformation to clean energy. An example is the passage of the federal clean energy and climate bill which has resulted in to a massive economic innovation. The green economy has much potential of saving the environment while at the same time reviving the economy. Michigan on the other hand has adopted a standard requiring at least 10% of its power to come from renewable sources by 2015.

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2). California has also for several decades put in place climate policies which have enabled it to realize much growth in its green jobs. The state’s rate of green jobs creation has now outpaced its overall job creation. Studies have shown that even during crisis, green jobs in California grew by 5 percent while total jobs dropped by 1 percent. In the year 2009 the wind industry alone contributed 2% of the America’s electricity and 18500 jobs.

It is therefore clear that green jobs can revive the US economy and help the country in finding a lasting solution to the global environmental problems. However, there is need for the congress to put necessary measures in place to avoid losing the created jobs to other nations.

These will require the government to give protection to its manufacturing industry

1). Sherrod brown warned that the country risk depending on Chinese made wind turbines if it doesn’t support its own industries. He noted that with the right policies in place, clean energy will help to revitalize the American manufacturing 1). The government must also work to ensure that the components and systems of the clean energy infrastructure such as solar panels are made by American workers  2). With these benefits the US government has no option but to join the rest of the world in campaigning for the use of renewable energy. These should begin from giving necessary support to the establishment and expansion of the American manufacturing jobs  2). The government must address the current challenge of small domestic market faced by its fast growing wind industry. Long term strategic policies must therefore be put in place to help such industries to thrive  2).

Center for American Progress

This is an organization that aims at mobilizing the United States and the international community towards realization of a bright and more prosperous future. The organization proposes a change in the way of producing and using the energy. They see the need for the reduction of the dependence on oil by the country. According to the organization, help in the fight of global warming while at the same time address unemployment issues  3).

In its strategy, the organization is running a program called Green Recovery in which it has invested over 100 billion dollars. They built large windmills and several solar panels in Atlantic City. Their wing firm could generate enough power for about 2,500 homes 3). The program also aimed at creating 2 million new jobs by building low carbon economy. The program provides an effective approach to greening the economy to create more and better jobs while reducing the effect of pollution of the environment  3).

The center aimed at directing the funding towards building new energy firms and supporting various renewable energy strategies. In its bid to create job opportunities, it aimed at improving energy efficiency by retrofitting buildings, constructing smart electrical grid transmission system, promoting wind power and solar power 2).

The program would reduce the unemployment rate from 5.5% to 4.4 % 2). I personally believe that this Green Recovery program can be a solution for the looming fall in the countries construction employment. The program also provides many with opportunities to rebuild their career ladders through organizing of various training and workforce development. These are good strategies that must be supported if the country is going to achieve its long term goal of poverty alleviation  2).

To boost its work, the government must consider reconstructing both the local communities and public infrastructure across the country. The overall result of the program would be a transition to low-carbon economy that increases the country’s energy independence and reduces the effects of global warming. The program will also help in reducing the total house hold expenditure by 13% since much of the investment is done within the communities. This has helped in keeping the resources within the domestic economy 2).


The jobs created by the green economy does not only provide economic stability to the country but it also contributes to the county’s energy independence and help in fighting global climate change. As noted by several scholars, the country should support green jobs as a fighting outsourcing and keep manufacturing alive in America. The country must not hesitate putting the proposed measures in place to promote green jobs