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Evidence Based Medicine Essay

Free Essay on Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine, it its broadest sense refers to the use of the current evidences in making decisions about the care of individual patients. It also refers to the incorporation of individual clinical expertise, patient values, and greatest research evidence into the decision-making process for patient care based on scientific research. Full integration of these components enhances optimum clinical outcomes and quality of life. Evidence-based medicine has its limitations and thus other medical studies and innovations require resolving.

There is a need to apply efforts in improving clinicians and access to evidence at the point of care. In describing evidence to patients, we have to develop better methods to use. Another strategy is conducting studies to test how evidence-based medicine influences the process of medical care and patient outcomes. Loewy (2007) argues that evidence Based Medicine, encounters situations in which there is no relevant and accurate evidence to make clinical conclusions.

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In cases where some evidence exists, making conclusive and consistent outcomes of study is difficult. In return, the outcome is a variation in the results and recommendations made to the patient. The best remedy in this case is training clinician to appraise research critically, and recognize the indeterminacy and be able to apply this evidence well taking into consideration the patients’ unique risks and values (Loewy, 2007).

Another limitation is on applying specifically proven methods for individual patients. The occurrence of biological variations hampers efforts to extrapolate evidence from basic research to individual patients. This means that response to patients should not be generalized but that every response be based on scientifically proven methods.

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There is a barrier to high quality medicine practices. With the increase in demand for healthcare and an increase in the resources, the clinicians have to care for patients in little time. The service given to patients is on the question. There is pressure on the clinicians and thus it makes it hard for them to apply evidence to their patients. Health expenditures have also doubled making those purchasing the services getting rationed services as priorities are set to control the rising health care costs.

According to Loewy (2007), evidence based medicine is long in existence thus the need to acquire new skills in critical appraisals. One can acquire these skills at any training level. With the more clinicians present, it is possible to have a perfect job done. Members will be able to share the search and appraising tasks.

There is also the inevitable issue of limited time and resources needed to engage in this program. The clinicians are busy and yet the practice requires more time and resources. Most of these resources are unavailable. To overcome this, there has to be systematic reviews made on the growing number of journals created each day. This will enable filtering the quality of the journals and creation of best evidence sections within them. Generation of databases makes retrieval of evidence as all the evidence is in summary form. This acts as a time and energy saving solution to the clinicians.

There is a doubt on whether the theory of evidence-based medicine is efficient in the lives of patients. Many people have increasingly raised doubts on the efficiency of the theory on the patients’ health. Patients who receive efficient proven successful therapies have better outcomes as compared to those who do not. Teaching evidence-based medicine practices is difficult to determine. In summary, we can say that, like any other model of health care, evidence based medicine has its limitations and advantages. The most important issues are to ensure an efficient health care system is maintained at all levels. In conclusion, medical practices based on evidence yields better results and increases response rate in the side of patients.