Free Diversity Workplace Essay Example

Biracial occurs when people of different ethnic background interact who come from different races. Many cases of these people have become common especially in work places allover the world.

These people require different approach especially when talking or asking about their ethnical background, hence one needs to understand each and every biracial community’s values, likes and dislikes. In a work place, this will help in avoiding conflicts and misunderstanding, thereby enhancing profits and smooth operations of the organization. The general trend of people to be categorized as biracial or multiethnic includes; off springs of people from different ethnical background who possess different genes, skin color and even speak different language.

So when approaching different biracial or multiethnic person, one should use words like multiracial, mixed race or biracial when addressing them, but also you have to know the words they really prefer to be called. When asking about the culture they identify with the most, one should be straight forward with the question but should not make any assumptions before they tell you their stand (Weis,1998).

Knowing their comments and listening carefully to their demands without taking sides, also ask for their opinions and recommend their expertise in the field. Since different races value some aspects of their culture, the supervisor should be conversant with them and encourage everyone in the company to respect other people’s values. One shouldn’t use stereotypes when describing other people, because you can offend one ethnicity without knowing the effect.

The Caucasians don’t like to be called as white people and should be viewed as ordinary people, the Asian don’t view themselves as Caucasians’ due to same skin color. African Americans prefer being called Black Americans also being addressed as Americans; they hate being called black people or ‘niggas’. They also don’t like being asked about their origin or perceived to originate from Africa continent to America as slaves (Prograis, 2004). Hispanic and Latino Americans should be regarded as Latino Americans and also should be treated as the rest of the Americans; they hate being referred as to originate from Spain or Hispanic countries (George, 2000).

For effective performance and smooth coexistence of all workers, I will advise the supervisor to encourage communication and respect of all workers whereby there should be workshops to educate workers regarding how to co-exist harmoniously with people from all regions of the world and encourage them to be united by the sole purpose of the organization. In conclusion, one should take time to study the cultural diversity of a given race, understand the language and the values they like before trying to communicate with them to prevent offending them in any way without knowing.

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