Computer Technology Essay Sample

In the current dynamic world that we live, advances in information gathering have arisen which we cannot resist but adopt as they are of significant impact in making positive developments. A perfect example is the use of computers, which are of various types to gather information used to build the nation in one way or the other. Nowadays people are extremely optimistic to the technological advancements that are popping every dawn.

In fact, computers are been widely used by researchers to conduct their surveys and they are able to get true findings on time and accurately. This simplifies their workload unlike if they did them manually which would take a long time and would be cumbersome. Consider findings gathered concerning a particular disease affecting man, they are crucial to the public for awareness so that they can learn how to ensure they do not contact it and to the doctors so that they get to know how to handle it (Edgar, 2002).

Actually, computers have become part of the learners. They are remarkably pertinent today as they use them to acquire knowledge about things they find difficult as one can easily access Internet and goggle, that which seems difficult to them. In the end, they become experts in their specific fields that they have majored, which trigger development. In addition, business transactions have been made efficient. Business people are able to advertise their products via the Internet and potential buyers are able to gather information about the products available in the market and purchase them. Additionally, entrepreneurs are able to network via the Internet and exchange ideas and experiences which they make use of to make significant improvements in the conduct of business encouraging developments in the country (Marzá, 2008).

Conclusively, I would say that use of computers, as a mode of gathering information is a delightful development as many benefits accrue to it. People get employment, work is made easier, business transactions are enhanced, creation of public awareness, learning is affected and communication is enhanced.

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